Everything You Need To Know About Indraprastha College For Women, DU

Everything You Need To Know About Indraprastha College For Women, DU
Indraprastha College For Women (IPCW)

One's journey through college life is about learning, unlearning, creating experiences, and having fun! The legacy of the institute you studied at adds to the value of your college experience.

Read along to learn everything about the pillar of feminist strength, the centre of women's empowerment, IPCW!

About Delhi University

Life at Delhi University is truly a unique and enriching experience. DU, as its widely known, holds a distinguished status as one of the country's premier educational institutions. Beyond its academic excellence, the university is renowned for cultivating a dynamic campus life that plays a pivotal role in shaping the holistic development of its students.

Delhi University
Delhi University

Delhi University encompasses a network of colleges spread across the city, each with its own unique identity. The colleges in the university are classified into the North Campus, South Campus, and Off-Campus colleges. It not only provides enduring opportunities for academic advancement but also delivers high-quality education along with noteworthy non-academic exposure.

Delhi University is widely recognized for its outstanding academic reputation and vibrant campus life. Renowned for producing accomplished alumni and boasting esteemed faculty, it stands as a leading institution in India. The university's diverse academic offerings and global recognition attract students from across the country and around the world. DU offers unprecedented possibilities for students, spanning both academic and extracurricular domains.

Going beyond a mere focus on academics, DU places a strong emphasis on holistic development, offering a platform for students to excel in their passions. It goes beyond being just an educational institution; it transforms into a community that nurtures the brightest minds in the city, creating an interactive and engaging environment conducive to both personal and academic growth.

In summary, the University of Delhi goes beyond the conventional role of an academic institution. It evolves into a lively ecosystem that cultivates talent and creativity, molding individuals into well-rounded, successful contributors to society.

For additional information, you can explore Delhi University's official website:


Indraprastha College for Women, part of the DU North Campus, is the first ever women's college in India and proudly marks 100 glorious years of celebrating women, feminism, and education. Picture this: back in 1924, a group of amazing folks in Delhi set up this college with the dream of empowering young women. Fast forward to today, and we're still rocking it, preserving our heritage, and looking forward to the next hundred years with nothing but curiosity, hope, and optimism.

Indraprastha College For Women–Delhi University (ICW–DU) · 31, Sham Nath Marg, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi, 110054, India
★★★★★ · Women’s college

IPCW's journey has been nothing short of a legend, with generations of amazing, bold women paving the way with commitment and courage. They've toiled to maintain a lush green campus, assemble a stellar faculty, and equip our students with cutting-edge facilities. The result? Confident and independent young women are ready to take on the world and make a difference as socially conscientious citizens.

Courses Offered

IPCW is the best space for the scholastic development of students, as it is one of the very few colleges offering a wide variety of courses for both undergrad and post-graduation! Whatever your field of interest, IPCW has it all, from science to commerce, the arts, languages, multi-media and mass communication, and even psychology!

IPCW Campus, DU
IPCW Campus

IPCW is the only college in Delhi and the entire country offering a B.A. (Hons.) in Multimedia and Mass Communication. The course is self-financed, approved by the University of Delhi, and comes with a fully equipped studio, radio production center, editing bays, and all the tech goodies you can imagine.

The spectrum of courses offered invites student attention, making IPCW top their preference lists.


With the most beautiful building, lush green lawns, and innumerable beautiful spots, IPCW proudly boasts an exceptionally beautiful, heavenly campus! IPCW campus is no less than a beautiful garden, perfect for your sunkissed Instagram posts!

Did you know that 66 years ago, IPCW students had the courage to ask for a swimming pool when it was unheard of for women? Yep, we've got the only women's college swimming pool in the country. Their sports facilities are top-notch, including everything from tennis and basketball to archery and a climbing wall.

Societies, Clubs and Activities

Like other DU colleges, IPCW houses several cultural and intellectual societies, making student lives better and more engaging. Some of the most famous societies are:

Afroza: Western Dance Society
Mridang: Indian Dance Society
Alaap Music Society

There are several other societies covering all aspects, one can ever imagine! These societies make college life fun and lend a hand in the overall holistic development of the students.

Placement Opportunities

IPCW has a placement cell, that invites big companies and organisations for its placement drives, opening the doors of the financial world to its students. The placement rate at IPCW is considered very good, and most college graduates step out of the world of education to great places gracefully.


Indraprastha College for Women is not just a place of learning; it's a home away from home for hundreds of amazing young women. We've got not one, but two fantastic hostels—the Kalavati Gupta Hostel and the Indraprastha College Women's Hostel—both ready to embrace students with open arms.

IPCW hostel
The Kalavati Gupta Hostel

IPCW hostels are amazing—not any less than a great hotel! Comfortable rooms, washrooms, and great food are IPCW's promises.


The college canteen, which provides a variety of cuisines, snacks, and much more, is the go-to comfort space for every student. With delicious food and aromatic air, no IPCW girl can resist the same.

IPCW's Canteen
IPCW's Canteen

How To Reach IPCW?

Located in Civil Lines, IPCW is nearest to the Civil Lines metro station on the yellow line. The college is literally 2 steps from the metro station, making it the most used mode of transportation for students. Opposite the college building, we have a bus stand, enhancing the convenience of students travelling by bus.

Hangout Spots Near IPCW

Located in civil lines, IPCW is at the centre of the amazing line-up of cafes and restaurants! SOCIAL; The famous hangout spot of youngsters is located barely a few steps away from the college. The Romeo Lane, the garden terrace, and other amazing food places are what catch the eye of students. The Tibetan food extravaganza MKT-Majnu ka Tila is located nearby, at a distance of 15 minutes by rikshaw ride.

The amazing campus of IP and its beautiful and captivating lawns in themselves are extremely beautiful, looking like picnic spots and holding the students!!!


As IPCW prepares to embark on its second century, step in and be a part of the journey where education transcends boundaries, and every day is a step towards a brighter, empowered future. Here's to the next hundred years and beyond!

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