Amity YouthFest 2024: Groove, Grind, and Good Times!

Amity Youthfest 2024
Amity Youthfest 2024

What's up fellas? Confused about which fest you should choose? Wanna enjoy one of the most exciting fest you can dream of?! Well, the wait is over!

Amity University, Noida is back with its enthralling Amity YouthFest-2024, to give you one of the fun experiences of your life this fest season!🤩


Check out this blog to get the lowdown on the lit fest vibes! 🎉


Amity University, Noida is back with one of the most exciting fests of 2024, Amity YouthFest! Fasten your seatbelts, and get ready to experience the mixture of great fun and excitement, for this is gonna get etched into your brain forever- it's an epic blast!🥳

Mark Your Calendars!

Wondering how long you might need to wait? Well, the wait is over! Mark those dates, prepare for an experience like never before and join us for two days overflowing with laughter, fun and a sense of community!

29th February, 2024
1st March, 2024
2nd March, 2024

Fest's Hype HQ!

The fest is organized at the campus of Amity University, Noida itself. Nearest metro station to reach the destination is Okhla Bird Sanctuary Metro Station, Magenta Line. From there onwards one can either choose to walk or opt for a rickshaw.

Cabs are also an option to reach the university hassle-free.

Amity University, Noida
Amity University, Noida

Your Adventure Awaits!

With 16 categories, 74+ competitions, and more fascinating events, immerse yourself in the excitement, let your talents run wild and become a part of an extraordinary celebration of skills and creativity with a wide range of curated workshops, seminars, and competitions that are offered!

Immerse yourself in live action with the one of its kind extravaganza back with technical & cultural competitions and events more challenging and thrilling than ever!

•Beech Bizzare

The competition hosted by Amity College of Commerce and Finance aims to blend Economics, Finance, and Film Industry in a series of engaging games. Participants will immerse themselves in games that offer insights into various aspects of economics and finance, intertwined with the captivating world of the entertainment industry. These games are designed not only to entertain but also to educate participants about economic, marketing, and financial concepts in the context of the movie business.

The event will be covered in three rounds:

1. Film Biz
2. Market Mingle
3. Fin Vista

Winners will be awarded with cash prizes as well!

Amity YouthFest 2024
Beech Bizzare

•AI Warfare Arena: BGMI Tournament

The BGMI Tournament is an exciting e-sports competition where teams of skilled players face off in TDM mode within the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. TDM is known for its intense and quick matches, requiring players to showcase their shooting and strategic skills to outscore and outmanoeuvre their opponents.

Prizes up to ₹20,000 will be awarded.

Amity YouthFest 2024
AI WarFare Arena


A problem statement will be given to students that will require strategic and critical analysis skills. The participants will then have to provide a report that outlines the geopolitical risk in accordance with the problem.

Amity YouthFest 2024

•Food Hackathon

This competition involves Innovative Product Designing and Preparation without fire.

Theme: Utilisation of non-thermal ways for food product development.


• Development of products using non-thermal technology.

• Efficient utilisation of food resources for preparation of nutritious food products.

• Innovative food product development without using fire.

Amity YouthFest 2024
Food Hackathon


The objective is to motivate participants to enjoy and engage with science to the fullest, both in terms of their photography skills and their grasp of scientific concepts. This event will take place in person to welcome science enthusiasts from around the world to participate.


During the initial stage, participants are required to showcase their skills in capturing scientific events through photos and short videos. They must submit their photos/short videos (with a maximum duration of 30-50 seconds) via the provided link in accordance with the outlined guidelines.

Each submission should be accompanied by a captivating caption that explains the scientific principles behind the photograph. Multiple entries, as well as irrelevant or plagiarised content, will not be accepted and will lead to disqualification.


Participants who successfully pass the initial round will be notified accordingly. They will proceed to the second round, where they will have 2-3 minutes to present the scientific concepts behind their submitted images or videos. Additionally, they must provide an original explanation of how their image or video would appear if it were taken either in the past or in the future. The top three winners will be selected based on the quality of their photos/videos and the explanations.

Amity YouthFest 2024


Dance as an art form celebrates expression. This art form includes a beautiful combination of moods, emotions and expressions synchronised with body movements and rhythm. The dance competition OSCILLATION creates a platform for dancers from across the world to represent the myriad use of dance styles.

Amity YouthFest 2024


Music is an alluring combination of melody, rhythm, and harmony. Searching for talent around the globe and celebrating different music cultures, the REVERBERATE competition is to provide a platform where singers can demonstrate their singing skills. These styles can range from classical, light vocals to various folk songs singing cultures across continents. The competitions will acknowledge the emotion that the performer exudes while evincing their art form.

Amity YouthFest 2024


Folk dance is a traditional form of cultural expression, encompassing various dance styles rooted in the customs, rituals, and social events of a specific community or region. Passed down through generations, these dances often reflect the rich history, beliefs, and lifestyle of the people, creating a vibrant tapestry of movement that celebrates cultural identity and unity.

Amity YouthFest 2024

Entry Information:

Students from any university around the world are welcome. All you need to do is register yourselves at the AYF'2024 website, the link for which has been provided below:-

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Join Us!

What? Did you think this is it?!

Hell nah! This is just the tip of the iceberg! With more than 70 competitions, musical nights with famous singers and musicians, DJs and discos, food and drinks, love and friendship, witness one of the biggest and most entertaining fest, with your friends and partner😉

Drown yourself in the cheers and hooting of the crowd to the beats of the DJ and the vocals of your favorite singers!🎶

Do not miss the chance to experience the thrill yourself and get the memory etched in your hearts forever!❤️‍🔥

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