Anugoonj GGSIPU: Lights, Camera, Anugoonj!

Anugoonj - GGSIPU
Anugoonj - GGSIPU

It's time to celebrate!

It's time to run because we are going to have fun!!

"But when?", you ask. Well, the wait is over as we are back.

The ray of fun, enjoyment, life, and memories is here! ‌‌GGSIPU presents ANUGOONJ! ‌‌ Lights! Camera! Anugoonj!


Anugoonj 2024 is the one-stop destination for living your dream Bollywood college life with an amazing filmy twist!

Fasten your seatbelts, hold your excitement, and get ready to be the main character of your story as you join Anugoonj24'. Do not miss the best fest as the season unfolds, bigger, better, exciting, and amazing!

Mark the dates & miss no beats...

Mark the dates!‌‌

Mark the three days to be full of competition food and DJ. Showcase your talent and moves. Unlock the rhythm and raise the vibes. Let's open the button for new experiences.

Date : 8th February to 10th February


GGSIPU formally called the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is one of the largest universities in Delhi. It was ranked 74th by the NIRF ranking. It offers courses on all aspects including arts, commerce, science, design, animation, law, and so on. It has a first-rate infrastructure and up-to-date facilities.


About Anugoonj

The most awaited season, with the most awaited fest, and the most awaited day, is finally here!

Anugoonj is back!!!

Unveiling the new season: Anugoonj is the name of the cultural fest of GGSIPU.

This time Anugoonj is back with a filmy twist! The title assigned is ‘Lights, Camera, Anugoonj'. So, are you ready to read the trailer of this film? Because picture toh abhi baaki hai mere dost!

Let's be thoda Desi with no videsi, thoda dramatic and thoda crazy.

Anugoonj GGSIPU
Anugoonj GGSIPU

The Exciting Events!

Anugoonj is just around the corner and we can't wait to begin! It's time to get ready and have fun because this table is round and will never stop entertaining you and goes forever and ever and ever.‌‌ From morning to noon, noon to evening, and evening to night. You might get tired but the dreamy memories will force you to cherish all the fun. It is the time to make memories and have fun.

Let's summarize the set of wonderful events our eyes can't wait to witness:-‌‌‌‌

1. Nukkad natak

Let the action begin with drama and emotion! when life is the script and the stage depicts your reality, you can't take your eyes off it! Nukkad natak is the best and easiest way to live this.

2. Battle of bands

The most energetic and electrifying, highlighting the youthful vibes and energy, the perfect place for you to shine!

‌‌3. Music concert

Melodious and vibrant, unforgotten voices, the movie feel and the pics and reels for your fest season Instagram rise here!

‌‌4. Art cartooning

With splashes of colours, blend in your humour sense, and present it as a beautiful picture. where canvas strokes and the brain come together to make one happy!

‌‌5. Group song

Unified and euphoric, enjoy the amazing voices and the group spirit, sing along and have fun.

6. DJ Dhamal

Lovely and most awaited one for the day‌‌!

Fests are incomplete without DJs and dance, hop onto the dance floor and flaunt your moves with the best of DJs! Rock the day.

7. Craft rangoli

An artist's joyful and colourful approach ‌, rooted in our traditions we celebrate love and art.

8. Classical music

Melodious and pleasant‌‌, taking you to heaven! Classical music events are the heart of every function.

9. Dance footloose

Expressive dynamite with rhythm‌‌‌‌, engaging your eyes, and making you groove, an amazing set of dancers is all set to be on stage!!

Excitement of Anugoonj
Excitement of Anugoonj

Glimpses From The Previous Year

After a wait of two long years, Anugoonj found its way back to GGSIPU in 2023. The two-year break added more josh and colour to the fest, making it one of the best fests to be held across Delhi! With an amazing row of artists lined up Anugoonj23 was a visual delight draped in a melodious mist. ‌‌

Celebrating GGSIPU’s silver jubilee, Anugoonj23 was a grand fest marking its presence in the calendars for years to come. The exceptional musician, a voice to Bollywood songs and several English singles, Arman Malik graced the fest with his concerts. After all, who could resist it when Arman himself says ‘Chale Aana”...?

The fest was blown with energy and colours as Ravator- the famous Delhi-based DJ played the soundtrack to the night. The "Shor Sharaba” that night still lives rent-free in everybody's mind.

The amazing Punjabi artist Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz the ‘superstar’ of the event highlighted the crowd’s energy with his amazing tracks turning the ground to a dance floor. ‌‌

The amazing three-day event held from 2nd March to 4th March left the crowd dazzled and wanting more. The huge success of last year's fests adds more to our excitement levels for Anugoonj 2024 as we await the amazing surprises to come. ‌‌

Envisage 2024'

Anugoonj 2024 has an exciting basketful of colorful events to offer. Students from the university and all over Delhi are welcome to enjoy the amazing fest, live the Bollywood life they’ve dreamt of and leave with memories to cherish for life. ‌‌

A variety of events covering all art forms be it music, dance, theatre or anything else- Anugoonj has it all covered! Get ready to unfold the surprises GGSIPU has to offer this year. Keep your hopes high coz Anugoonj never disappoints, it’ll be a blast!‌‌ So say it with us- Lights! Camera! Anugoonj!

For Further Details‌‌

Official website:

‌‌Join Us!

Mark your calendars and block the dates, 8th to 10th February 2024, join us at GGSIPU Dwarka. Filled with exciting events and amazing concerts these will be the days you’ll remember forever from your college life. Anugoonj isn't a simple fest it’s your floor to shine, to explore and have fun! Spotlights on the memories you make <3

Lights, Camera, Anugoonj!

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