Annual Literary Fest of KMC, DU: Bohemia'24

Literary Fest of KMC: Bohemia'24
Literary Fest of KMC: Bohemia'24

If you are one who loves literature , fusion or language then .... This is the time to show your interest towards literature and your love towards Delhi.

You heard it right ! Delhi .. This time Bohemia'24 the annual literature and English departmental fest of Kirorimal college is back with many more competitions on the theme "Urban Imaginary: Metropolis of Delhi"


Apart from our hangouts, college fest is the day we all are excited about. A day full of Masti, energy, happiness, and of course beautiful outfits. In this season of the fest, presented by Grubstreet, the literary society, and the department of English, Kirorimal College welcomes the most awaited Bohemia- the Annual Department literary festival.‌‌

About Kirorimal College

Kirori Mal College is a top-rated college of the University of Delhi. It is ranked 2nd best college for Political Science and 6th best college for Chemistry in India according to India Today 2023 College Ranking. It is accredited by the NAAC with an 'A++' grade.

The vision statement of Kirori Mal College is “Inclusion, Inspiration, Innovation” Kirori Mal believes in providing for our students an environment rich in knowledge and supportive of their extracurricular interests. ‌‌

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About Bohemia'24

The Literary Society and department of English, welcomes you again with its annual departmental fest Bohemia'24! ‌‌

Bohemia 2024 at KMC, DU
Bohemia 2024 

Save the date !!!!‌‌

March 7, 2024 Thursday

It's time for Lots of fun and loads of competitions.. ‌‌

Offline Events

  1. Kaagaz, Kalam te siyahi - A poetry writing competition
  2. Qala kriti - Book cover designing competition
  3. Deewan-e-khaas- Open mic
  4. Keynote lecture
  5. Panel discussion
  6. Author session
Schedule for Bohemia 2024
Show your talent on 7 March 2024

Kaagaz,Kalam te siyahi

A poetry writing competition as part of the annual literary fest under the theme of “Urban Imaginary: The Metropolis of Delhi”. Participants are most welcome to show their writing skills on 7th March 2024 at 11:00 A.M. in the Academic Auditorium of KMC. ‌‌


  • Participants will be given prompts based on the theme Urban Imaginary: The Metropolis of Delhi
  • Participants will be required to use the prompts to create an original composition on the spot.
  • All submissions must be in English.
  • Compositions that are found to be obscene or discriminatory will be disqualified.
  • Winners of the competition shall receive gift hampers and certificates.‌‌

Qala Kriti

A book cover designing competition.

The theme is Delhi is a place steeped in historical significance, with remnants of bygone eras scattered throughout its landscape. Generations have watched empires rise and fall, their lives echoing the constant reinvention of Delhi's social, cultural, and political spaces. The capital brims with tales of quiet victories of finding a home in the ever-shifting currents of change. The mere mention of ‘Purani Dilli’ evokes feelings of nostalgia. Transcending the physical realm. Delhi's urban imaginary encompasses the stories, myths, and symbols that people associate with the metropolis as they navigate their lives.

Involving the rich cultural heritage of art in Delhi, KMC invites you to embrace your inner artist as you conceptualize Delhi through your original artwork.

So be ready on 7th March 2024 at 12 pm in the Academic Auditorium of KMC.‌‌


  • The participants will be designing an original Book cover on the spot on the theme of Urban Imaginary The Metropolis of Delhi.
  • There is no restriction on medium. You can carry the art mediums of your choice but a standard sheet will be provided by them.
  • Creativity knows no bounds so let your imagination unfold on paper.
  • Plagiarism of art is strictly prohibited.
  • The participants must submit their entries in the stipulated period of the competition.

Winners shall receive gifts and prizes along with a feature on the official Instagram handle @litsoc.kmc‌‌

Bohemia'24 at DU
Welcome the writer ! Design a cover for your own book


An open mic segment that is hidden behind the majestic doors of Delhi's Red Fort, the Deewan-e-khaas served as an intimate gathering for the emperors of Delhi. Amir Khusrow’s verse immortalized on its walls, hailed the chamber as ‘paradise on earth’. Join in the re-imagination on 7th March at 3 pm onwards in the seminar room of KMC.‌‌


  • The performers are to submit their performances in advance either as a short video, audio or a document for approval.
  • Upon approval performers will be notified via email.
  • Derogatory or discriminatory content against any community will lead to disqualification.
  • The performers are requested not to extend the time limit of 5 mins.‌‌

Online Events

Dilli Darpan- Photography competition

Daastan- creative writing competition

Dilli Aesthetics- moodboard making competition

The deadline of online competitions is 5th march 2024 i.e. Tuesday.

Bohemia 2024
Online entries need to be submitted by March 5, 2024.

Dilli Darpan

A photograph competition or an online segment of the event.the aesthetics of the Metropolis, shift with its diverse populace and how they experience Delhi through their varying identities and creative visions. Delhi through their varying identities and creative visions. Within the anonymity of the city, search for and build identity while feeling lost. Prepare your lenses to zoom in on Delhi's urban landscape and showcase your imagination of the urban imaginary! ‌‌


  • Participants are requested to submit their entries in pdf or doc via Google form.
  • Each participant is allowed to submit only one photograph.
  • Upon receipt, submission will undergo evaluation and results to be disclosed on the Instagram handle @litsoc.kmc. winners will be contacted via email.
  • They will be awarded with e-certificates.
  • The deadline is March 5th.‌‌
Bohemia 2024
Scan the QR code for registration.


Creative writing competition on the theme Urban Imaginary: Metropolis of Delhi.


  • Poem /letter/ epistolary/short stories of all kinds with the theme.
  • Keywords may include and are not limited to Migration. Self and identity, nocturnes, duality, romanticization, cultural panorama, lived realities.
  • Entries need to be sent in doc or PDF format.
  • Word limit is 1500.
  • Plagiarism leads to disqualification.
  • Deadline for submission is 5th March.
  • Winners will get e certificates and credits at Instagram handle @litsoc.kmc‌‌

Dilli Aesthetics

A mood board making competition. Hop on Pinterest and reimagine the aesthetics of dilli under the theme Urban Imaginary: The Metropolis of Delhi in this online competition.

Sub-themes may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The urban landscape of Delhi
  • Architectural Aesthetics of Delhi
  • Historical lens of Delhi
  • Shaping identities in Delhi
  • The culture of Delhi


  • Only one entry by one person.
  • Mood board must be freestyle. Grids and panel usage may lead to disqualification.
  • It must be uploaded in JPG or JPEG format and a 9:16 ratio.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • Last date to submit is March 5.
  • Participants must follow Instagram handle @litsoc.kmc
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive e-certificates. Credits will be displayed on the social media handle.‌‌
Mood board making time !!


The literary society is all set to begin these amazing competitions where you can show your interest in photography, creative writing , moodboard, open mic or book cover. It is a perfect time to show literature skills with Desi Delhi touch with the theme!

So if you are living in Delhi or you consider yourself a Dilli lover, then showcase your love for Delhi by participating in competitions. It is a good chance to express what Delhi is to you how it matters what role it played and why you like Delhi. So what are you waiting for? Register now !!‌‌

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