Lady Whistledown's Ball: A Bridgerton-themed Affair to Remember!

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A night to remember!
Dearest Gentle Readers,

We know that you binge-watched the third season of Bridgerton and secretly wished for a soiree invitation to inhabit the world of the show. Well,  fret not! We at Triple Star Events are just as eager to add a smidge of regency flair to Delhi as we bring out a Bridgerton Ball unlike any other!

Whisk out your frills, quills, and fancy wigs, for Lady Whistledown is sending out invitations to her ball at The Dom in Punjabi Bagh on the 20th of July, 2024.

Partnering with media powerhouse ApnaAdda and event extraordinaire Idyll, we're recreating the Bridgerton experience for the modern socialite!

A Timeless Soiree for the Discerning!

Bridgerton repackages modernity in a world of aristocrats, delivering romantic bliss that lives up to the lens of our 21st-century sensibilities.

If you’ve ever yearned for a touch of romantic bliss that transcends time and crave the elegance of Old Money fashion then, this is the event for you.

The Bridgerton Ball will similarly have all the advantages of a modern prom night intertwined with the aesthetics of the show's regency setting.

Triple Star Events: Intertwining Elegance With Expertise!

When it comes to hosting a successful event, Triple Star Events never falters. Our company mantra is celebrating precious moments through elegant events that fulfill even the most extravagant of expectations.

To bolster our claim:

  • We solely managed Ryan International’s Annual Carnival which received a footfall of 4k+ people.
  • Additionally, our child company- WeddingShagun, has a social media reach of 237k and is renowned for hosting events across Jaipur's best-known clubs such as Lion, Rosado, G Club, Naila, Burj, Scorpion, and many more.
One can trust us with their expectations for this event for we understand the importance of creating unforgettable experiences. Our company thrives on crafting exquisite events that cater to your most extravagant desires.

"A diamond is precious precisely because it is rare."

— Queen Charlotte

Amassing a viewership of 16.5 million views, most have watched or at the very least, heard of the show. On the heels of the popularity of its recently released third season, we are hosting a Bridgerton-themed ball so fans can spend a night inhabiting the world of the show. Such an event in Delhi is unprecedented!

This ball presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step into the show's dazzling world.

Surely those who truly love the show cannot resist the temptation of spending a night donning the fashion, dancing to the music, and infusing their Instagram feed with photographs taken at our Bridgerton-inspired photo booth.

The rapturous whirlwind of high-society romance beckons.

Perhaps you shall find a suitor as handsome as the Duke or as charismatic as King George? Perhaps he shall ask for a dance and call on you the following day? Or perhaps you have found your Kate Sharma and simply wish to promenade with your partner.
For every member of the ton, the event is alluring.

Whispers of Whimsy and Wit!

Our venue- The Dom in Punjabi Bagh will be transformed into a haven of Regency-inspired decor, featuring thematic food and beverages.

As you waltz through the night, a live DJ will set the mood for unforgettable revelry.

The atmosphere is guaranteed to transport you to an era when the hosting of balls and masquerades, dancing waltzes, setting-specific games, and courtships were regularities of the marriage mart.

The photo booth will provide mementos of the night, ensuring the night is unforgettable in its engagements and elegance.

Delhi! You Must Make Haste!

Prepare your finest outfits- ball gowns, regency costumes, suits, or any evening attire to attend this fabulous upcoming event night in Delhi!

The Dom - Lounge, Dine, Bar & Restaurant in Punjabi Bagh Club Road · 2nd and 3rd Floor, NWA, Club Rd, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi, 110026, India
★★★★★ · Restaurant

Buy your tickets from the link on our Instagram @triplestareventsindia.

The rates are as follows-
  • ₹499/- for a Stag Female.
  • ₹799/-  for a Stag Male.
  • ₹1,399/- for a couple.
  • ₹2,499/- for a group of 4 (two couples).
Those who buy the tickets are offered 50% off on Idyll premium!
bridgerton, theme, events in delhi, apnaadda, ball night in delhi, upcoming events
See you there!
Lady Whistledown eagerly awaits your RSVP!

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to experience the magic of Bridgerton in Delhi!