Class 12th Board Marks- Are They Important Or Not?

Class 12th Board Marks- Are They Important Or Not?
Class 12th Board Marks- Are They Important Or Not?

Are you also done with the class 12th board exams and wondering if the marks is significant in the real world or not?

Don't worry, Apna Adda is here to make it understandable and easy for you.


In the journey of education, there is a great significance of class 12th marks as it serve as a benchmark for assessing a student's academic abilities and works as a gateway for higher education and career opportunities. However, sometimes these marks grows as a topic of considerable debate. Are 12th marks really that important? Is it truly so significant or is its importance overstated?

In this blog, we'll explore both sides of the argument to understand the true significance of class 12 marks.

The Importance Of Class 12 Marks

In this section, we'll talk about the importance and significance of class 12 marks.

College Admissions

One of the primary reasons due to which class 12 marks are considered significant is because of its crucial role in getting admission in colleges. Most of the universities and colleges use the marks as key criteria for being able to appear in the entrance examination. In the engineering exams, college demands a minimum of 75% for getting the chance to appear for entrance examination. Similar criteria is valid for medical, law and other fields of studies.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships and financial aids are often awarded to the students who score high marks in boards exam. It can make it easier for an individual to get admission in reputed colleges and with the price money, they can make higher education affordable.

The scholarship and financial support can play an important rule in making Class 12th marks significant.

Foundation For Competitive Exams

Many competitive exams like JEE for engineering or NEET for medical has syllabi that are very similar to that of class 11th and 12th. Strong fundamentals and high marks in 12th can make it easier for the students to crack these exams with much convenience.

Initial Job Prospects

In certain industries and country like India, the companies offering jobs give a significant value to academic marks. These opportunities can be influenced by class 12 performance. If someone has scored good marks in academics there are better chances of getting a secured job in their chosen sectors.

The Unnecessary Overemphasis On Class 12 Marks

In this section, we'll be discussing about the overemphasis on 12th board marks.

Holistic Development

It has been said that education is not just about good academic marks, but it is more about the holistic development such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and emotional intelligence. The knowledge gained by the student in the journey is somehow more crucial.

Overemphasizing class 12 marks can lead to more focus on gaining the marks by memorization and test performance instead of actually looking for broader skills that can be learned from it. This can limit the intellectual development of the student and his preparation and mindset for facing the actual real world.

Variable Grading Standards

The grading system can vary significantly from one board to other and from one country to other. There is difference even in the marking scheme and excellence lever of question making. Due to this, it is very difficult and inconvenient to compare the intellectuality of two students from two different backgrounds.

This can lead to unfair comparisons and doesn't reflect the true abilities of a student.

Mental Health And Stress

The pressure to score good marks in Class 12 board exams can lead to high level of anxiety and stress among students. The fear of not scoring well and not meeting the parents' expectations sometimes also leads to depression and suicidal thoughts. The education system's overemphasis of marks often leads to ignorance of the actual potential and talent of a student.

Diverse Pathways To Success

It is not always necessary that the one who excels class 12th exams are always the successful one in career. Away from this, many successful individuals go for entrepreneurs, artists, players and actors. Even there are students who are holding a good positions in educational field but didn't score good marks in boards examination.

So, your success is not really determined from how good or how bad you scored in academics. Instead, it is more about your hard labor and determination throughout the process.

Striking A Balance

Looking at the above description, it must be clear by now that YES Class12 marks holds value, but it should not be the sole focus of a student's educational journey. Maintaining a balance between curriculum and extra-curriculum is crucial.

Balanced Curriculum

The purpose of education should not just be scoring good, but it should also contribute to personal growth.  Encouraging students to participate in extra-curricular activities, sports, arts can help them to develop a all-round personality.

Skill Development

Skill development programs in schools can prepare the students for future. With good no. of skills, they'll be able to survive any situation.


Class 12th marks undoubtedly play a significant role in a student's personal, academic and professional journey, but one's life should not just circled around it. There are a lot of things which does matter and can be important away from mere a academic marks.

One should focus more upon gaining knowledge, skills and should prepare themselves for the challenges of life which are much more significant than mere class 12th board marks. They are crucial for college admissions, scholarships etc. but it is equally important to recognize the limitation and drawbacks of an overemphasis on these marks.

Ultimately, while striving good marks is important, it should not come at the cost of mental health, personal development and happiness. The sole purpose of these examination is to check your ability but even if you score low, it doesn't mean that you don't deserve another chance. There is a lot waiting for you in future which are more impactful in the journey of life.

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