CUET 2024: Step-by-Step Guide To The DU Admission Process

CUET 2024: Step-by-Step Guide To The Admission Process
CUET 2024: Step-by-Step Guide To The Admission Process

What's up, fellas?! Done with your CUET-war? Ready to conquer the next level?๐Ÿค”

๐Ÿฆธโ€โ™€๏ธWell, worry not, the help is here!๐Ÿฆธ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

I have already gone through what you are about to experience. Weeks of brainstorming, multiple days of research, sleepless nights, and whatnot! Believe me, sometimes I really wish I had some solid guidance. But you peeps need not, 'cause why fear when I'm here! Let's dive right into it and conquer this admission war.๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Steps to follow
1. Know Your Result
2. About CSAS Portal
3. Don't Panic!
4. Make the perfect preference list
5. Documents Required
6. Worry Not, Have Paitence

Know your Result

DU University admission through the CUET registration process is likely to begin in the month of July 2024, after the declaration of CUET results. The last CUET 2024 exam will be conducted on May 29, 2024 (because of postponement of exam to May 15, 2024) and the result will be announced in the fourth week of June 2024.

Remember to keep checking for new information and notifications on CUET website and CSAS portal daily.

About CSAS Portal

Let's start with basics.

What is CSAS portal? It's your next destination after you're done with your CUET exam. Your result will be announced on this portal.

After the results have been declared, you have to login to CSAS portal and check your result. Based on your result, the portal will provide you with a list of colleges available according to the subjects you chose during CUET exam. Make sure you go through the list properly and note down the names of colleges that you prefer more, as well as the courses that you prefer.

Make sure you do this on a laptop or a PC instead of your phone, because it's a crucial step and doing it from phone is not advised. If you do not have your own device, then you can go to an internet cafe or even borrow from a friend or a relative. Remember to fill your forms before 1-2 days before deadline, as last minute work can lead to some mistakes.

Don't Panic!

Having trouble in understanding your score card? Or got a lower score than expected? Well, there is no need to panic. Getting low score does not mean you won't get a college. Even getting high score does not guarantee your admission to a great college. Now is the time when you need to act carefully and attentively.

Make The Perfect Preference List

Low score or high score does not guarantee anything. Everything comes down to your amount of research and your preference list.

Make sure to do thorough research on college cut-offs, availability of seats per college for every course, reservations & quota (if you have any), and last year cut-offs. For some help, you can go through bulletins, notifications and information provided by colleges and the NTA website. If you still need more clarification and info on the process, do watch videos on YouTube, on how to make preference list.

Be sure to re-check your list before submitting because it's the most crucial step of admission process. A good preference list can help you get a seat in a great college, even with low score ( believe me, speaking from experience, haha!๐Ÿ˜‰)

Remember, just gain knowledge and information from youtube videos. Do not completely rely on them, and make your own preference list based on consolidated data from all your research.

Documents Required

Now that you are done with your preference list, it's time to gather your required documents.

This step is quite easy, as most of the documents have already been submitted during the CUET registration process. Although, in this digital era, most colleges verify your documents through online mode itself, there's still some colleges which ask for physical verification of documents for extra security purposes. So, make sure you have all your important documents ready and compiled at one place.

Documents that will be required:

1. Class 10th Marksheet
2. Class 12th Marksheet
3. Aadhar Card photocopy
4. Domicile certificate (if any)
5. ECA certificate (if any)
6. Registration Slip of your college (after you get seat in a college)
7. CUET Scorecard
8. CUET Admit Card

Also keep checking for further information on college website to make sure you are ready with other documents that the specific college might ask from the students.

Worry Not, Have Paitence

Now that you are done with all the work, all you have to do is WAIT. Go have a walk, focus on yourself, on your health, meet up with some friends.๐Ÿงก

Many might think what nonsense I am spouting. But believe me, you can neither achieve anything great from panicking, nor worrying about your outcome can change your result. All you can do is wait and hope for the best!๐Ÿ˜‡

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Do remember, even if you don't get a great college, or you don't get any college at all, don't get upset. The admission process through CUET is a multileveled process, and it can go for second and third rounds as well. If the seats remain empty, it can go upto 4th round as well. And besides DU, there are several other great government and govt-affiliated colleges where you can get your desired degree.

Just drop all your worries and hope for the best outcome๐Ÿฅฐ

All the Best!

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