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dyal singh college, du
Dyal Singh College

Life At Delhi University

About DU

Delhi University (DU) offers an exciting and diverse life.
its not just the top rankings colleges but every DU college is a place where students from diverse backgrounds come together to learn and gow.
its fun campus events and classes provide a dynamic environment for students to explore their interests, make friends, and discover themselves.

Delhi university
Delhi University

About Dyal Singh College

Dyal Singh College, with its roots tracing back to the visionary philanthropy of Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, stands as a beacon of education and enlightenment. Established in 1910 in Lahore, after the partition, Dyal Singh College found its home in Delhi. It is now situated in South Delhi.

Dyal Singh College
Dyal Singh College
Morning Batch

The morning batch at Dyal Singh College caters to students who prefer daytime classes. This batch typically offers a regular schedule of classes starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon.

Morning batch students have access to all the facilities and resources provided by the college during regular hours. They engage in academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and campus life activities during the daytime.

Evening Batch:

In contrast, the evening batch at Dyal Singh College accommodates students who require flexibility in their schedules due to work, family, or other commitments during the daytime.

Classes for the evening batch are held in the late afternoon or evening hours, enabling students to attend college after fulfilling their other responsibilities. This arrangement allows working professionals, part-time students, and individuals with diverse obligations to pursue higher education without compromising their existing commitments.

Despite the segregation into morning and evening batches, both segments of students receive equal access to the college's resources, faculty expertise, and extracurricular opportunities

Dyal Singh College · Lodhi Rd, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India
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Why Dyal Singh College?

Courses Offered

Dyal Singh College, offers many academic opportunities to students seeking quality education. The courses offered by both the batches are as follows:

Morning Batch:
Undergraduate Programs:
  1. B.A. (Program)
  2. B.A. (H) in English, Economics, Geography, Hindi, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Punjabi, Urdu and Sanskrit
  3. B. Com
  4. B. Com (H)
  5. B. Sc. In Life Science, Physical Science (Chemistry) and Physical Science (Computer Science)
  6. B.Sc. (H) in Botany Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and  Zoology
Postgraduate Courses:
  1. M.A. (English)
  2. M.Sc. (Mathematics)
Certificate Courses:
  1. Drugs and Pharmaceutical Analysis
  2. Paints & Coatings Development & Analysis (Basic and Advanced)
Evening Batch:
  1. B.Com (H)
  2. B.Com
  3. B.A. Prog.
  4. English (H)
  5. Political Science (H)
  6. History (H)

Resource Hub: Library

Dyal Singh College Library
Dyal Singh College Library

The Dyal Singh College Library spans over two floors  boasts one of the largest collections of resources in the DU. Its total collection exceeding 102,530 books and 47 journals/magazines. The library offers access to over 6,000 e-journals and 164,300 e-books through its membership in the National Library and Information Service Infrastructure for scholarly content (N-List) program of MHRD/UGC.

The library is Wi-Fi enabled, computerized through Integrated Library Management Software, and connected with the Delhi University Network System, providing access to e-resources of Delhi University Library System and UGC-INFONET consortium. Moreover, to ensure inclusivity, the library is furnished with JAWS software, a scanner, and a Braille printer, enabling visually impaired students and faculty to access IT-based services.


The Placement Cell works with the motto to bridge the gap between students and reputed companies across diverse sectors. They try to provide exceptional placement opportunities, internships, and professional development resources to the students of the college.

Morning Batch:

The Placement Cell actively engages with reputed companies spanning diverse sectors such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and more.
Noteworthy recruiters include KPMG INDIA, EY INDIA, Deloitte, PwC, NIIT Ltd.
The highest package offered to students was 18 LPA.

Over 110 reputed companies hire around 300+ interns annually, providing stipends as high as 50,000 Rupees. 205+ students were placed and a median package of 5 LPA in session 2022-23.

placement of Dyal Singh College
Placement statistics (2022-23)
Evening Batch:

Dyal Singh College offers excellent placement opportunities, with a dedicated Placement Cell that organizes internship programs. Many students secure internships during their 2nd and 3rd years, providing valuable knowledge and experience.


DU is known for its societies. Justifying that, Dyal Singh College boasts a vibrant cultural scene, fostering artistic expression and nurturing talents across various domains through its numerous societies

Morning Batch:
  1. Art and Culture Society: The cornerstone of cultural growth on campus, offering a diverse array of platforms for artistic expression.
  2. Roots - Indian Music Society: Organizes 'Sursadhana' featuring inter-college competitions in classical and light solo singing, instrumental music, and more.
  3. Jamini - Fine Arts Society: Curates 'Artism', a platform for students to showcase their artistic prowess through live competitions and exhibitions.
  4. Xposure - Film and Photography Society: Presents 'Encanto', an online extravaganza featuring short film-making and photography competitions.
  5. Cognitio - Debating Society: Hosts prestigious parliamentary debate competitions, fostering critical thinking and public speaking skills among students.
  6. Spilled Ink - Creative Writing Society: Organizes 'Alliteration', a platform for slam poetry and creative writing competitions.
Evening Batch:
  1. Art and Culture Association: Organizes the Annual Festival 'Rajnigandha', providing a platform for students to showcase their talents in music, dance, and drama.
  2. Comhub - Commerce Association: Expands students' horizons through academic and non-academic events, fostering holistic development beyond the classroom.
  3. The English Literary Society: Nurtures literary interest and creativity among students through a range of engaging activities and events.
  4. N.S.S. Unit: Imparts education through community service and organizes various social and educational programs.
  5. Rajneeti Vigyan Parishad: Aims at creating socio-political awareness among students through seminars, debates, and mock parliament sessions.

Through these societies and associations, Dyal Singh College continues to provide a vibrant cultural landscape for students to explore, learn, and grow.

NIRF Ranking

In the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) rankings of 2022, Dyal Singh College secured, ranking 35th.

Vibe Check At Dyal Singh College

Dyal Singh College is a fun place with lots of different people and societies. Everyone feels included, and there's always something exciting happening. They have cool events like the "Artemis" fest and "Techstorm" tech fest, where one can make great memories and learn new things. Whether it's celebrating our culture or competing in contests, these events bring everyone together and make college life here awesome

Dyal Singh College fest
Events of Dyal Singh College

How To Reach Dyal Singh College?

The nearest metro station is Jawaharlal Nehru (JLN) stadium ( violet line). The college is on the boundary of the metro station.

Places To Hangout Near Dyal Singh College

There are many hangout spots near the college, like Humayun's Tomb, Khan Market, Nehru Place, Lajpat Nagar, Satya Niketan, Kamla Nagar, Connaught Place, and Lodhi Garden. The DB Block Market, located closest to the college, offers a variety of amenities and conveniences for students.

Humayun's Tomb, du, dyal singh college
Humayun's Tomb


To sum up, life at Delhi University, especially at Dyal Singh College, is vibrant and full of opportunities. With a focus on academics, active cultural societies, and promising career prospects, students find a supportive environment to grow and thrive. Additionally, the college's strategic location near popular hangout spots makes it convenient for students to enjoy leisure time.

In essence, Dyal Singh College offers a well-rounded college experience, where students can pursue their academic goals while also enjoying a vibrant campus life. Remember Michelle Obama's words: 'Education is not just about learning facts, but about embracing experiences and building lasting memories.'

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