Everything You Need To Know About Jesus And Mary College

Everything You Need to Know About Jesus and Mary College
Jesus and Mary College

Life At Delhi University

About DU

Dreaming about Delhi University- the real ‘Hogwarts’ in the eyes of the Indian folk and the fantasy of every starry-eyed dreamy student. Over a century old, recognized as an “Institute of Excellence” by the UGC, and ranked 11th by the National Institutional Ranking Framework, Delhi University is the star of universities. It is an amalgamation of colleges that offers a broad range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. With 91 colleges, it's a galaxy of education, including North Campus, South Campus, and Off Campus – a student's dream come true!

Delhi University
University of Delhi

Why Jesus And Mary College?

Now, imagine a magical piece of DU's South Campus – Jesus and Mary College in Chanakyapuri. Established in 1968, it's an all-women college and offers several courses at UG, PG and Certificate programmes under different disciplines. Ranked 38th by NIRF, JMC is known for academic excellence, vibrant campus life, and empowering women through education. It's not just a college; it's a place where young women can witness their dreams materialize in front of their eyes.

Jesus And Mary College

Jesus And Mary offers a treasure trove of courses – B.A., B.Voc, B.El.Ed, B.Com, B.Sc., and M.A. in Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Management Studies, Mass Communication & Media, Teaching & Education, Accounting & Commerce, and Science. And wait, there's more! Add-on courses spice up the academic menu with experiential learning. They thoroughly focus on making the students industry-ready and fetch loftier professional opportunities!


Imagine JMC's library as a three-story treasure chest, packed with tons of insightful books! It has a quiet and peaceful aura that allow students to study their hearts out , do research, and conquer last-minute assignments. It's not just a reading spot; it's where the magic of learning happens. It offers students access to a rich variety of resources, supporting research and learning with diverse materials. With books as your sidekick, studying becomes a fun adventure, unlocking ideas and concepts. JMC's library isn't just a room; it's the heart of the college's smart and fun vibe, making every student feel like an academic superhero!

Jesus And Mary's Library


Jesus And Mary's placement game is on fire with a dedicated cell ensuring smooth processes. The Placement Cell aims to empower students with essential professional and technical skills, offering a wide array of opportunities from companies nationwide. Every year, 200-250 students land awesome jobs with big companies like PWC, Airtel, Deloitte, and PEPSICO. Jesus and Mary's Placement Cell isn't just about jobs; it's about turning careers into a success story!


But hey, it's not all about books and jobs! Jesus And Mary's cultural and compulsory societies are the heart and soul of campus life. No boredom or monotony here! From Mudra (western dance society) to Cauldron (English magazine society) and ECHO (western music society), everyone can find their tribe. Annual festivals are bursts of music, canopies, fun, good food, and exceptional performances – the real deal-breaker! Aside from that, the college fest is the thing that students not just from JMC but all colleges look forward to. The campus is adorned with a decided theme and the participation of a large number of students can be witnessed. The energy and vibe is unmatched and magical.

Performance by JMC's Indian dance society

‌Vibe Check At Jesus And Mary College

Jesus and Mary's campus is a dreamy escape, wrapped in lush greenery, common rooms, and sprawling grounds – a true chill paradise. Picture yourself under the shade of towering trees, the perfect spot to unwind and connect with nature. Now, let's talk about the canteen – the epicenter of foodie fantasies. From chili potatoes that spice up your day to Chowmein Samosas that take your taste buds on a wild adventure, it's a feast of flavors with economical prices.

And those amphitheaters? They're not just stone seats; they're stages for epic performances! Students showcasing their talents while others sip on hot coffee or indulge in chocolate milkshakes is every JMC girl's perfect jam! The campus isn't just a place to study; it's a haven where every corner has a story, and every moment feels like a scene from a feel-good movie.

Amphitheaters of JMC

Air conditioning? Who needs it when you have Jesus and Mary's infrastructure and facilities? Imagine comfortable classrooms where learning feels like a breeze, and for those extra special moments, there's the air-conditioned auditorium, and Thevenet Hall – a haven for events and lectures. Need to rescue your assignment from a printing crisis? There's a handy photocopy shop right there. But wait, it's not all about studies! JMC knows the importance of breaking the monotony. Picture nearby hangout spots where you can escape the lecture routine and catch a breath of fresh air. From comfortable classes to hangout havens, Jesus and Mary College’s infrastructure and facilities are designed with the best interest of students in mind.

Imagine Jesus and Mary's campus as a special place where learning feels like an exciting adventure. It's not your regular college—it's more like a cool wonderland where nature and cultural vibes meet. There's something unique called the 'pink booth'—think of it as a superhero that keeps everyone safe. It's not just safe; it's also cool and stylish, making sure you can focus on your studies without any worries.

Engagement by JMC Students

At Jesus and Mary College, education is not just about books; it's like a fun dance where you grow in a cool way. The campus is not just green; it's also a place where you discover new things about different cultures. A place where learning is fun, safety is cool, and the campus is like a colourful painting full of excitement. JMC is a culture of its curating the sweetest blend of academic excellence and personal and social development.

Magic Of Mudra

How to reach JMC?

Now, let's talk commute. The closest metro station, Durgabai Deshmukh South Campus (pink line), is a straightforward 15-minute walk – a daily routine for many. Not in the mood to walk? No worries, auto rickshaws are the backups ever ready to provide their services. Lok Kalyan Marg metro station is also at a reasonably close distance of about 4 km from the college. Connectivity at JMC is about convenience – no frills, just straightforward choices. Whether you opt for a leisurely walk or a quick rickshaw ride, commuting to and from the college is a matter of practicality and ease.  Connectivity? Check!

Places to Hangout near Jesus And Mary

Craving cafes, restaurants, and shopping? Jesus and Mary College students have it all nearby. From Café Coffee Day to Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar markets, the options are endless. Satya Niketan is a favourite for affordable eats, and coaching institutes for entrance exams are just around the corner. Additionally, the area behind the market hosts numerous PG accommodations catering to college students. Sarojini Market allows the exploration of the newest fashion apparel featuring stylish cuts, designs, and vibrant colours. Hauz Khas Village is another South Campus student haven, that boasts diverse eateries like Moonshine and Elma's. It's a hotspot for photoshoots, featured in "Rockstar," with trendy and funky Chumbak products.

Satya Niketan Market


And the faculty? Exceptional! Jesus and Mary College give a bright promise to future professors who are MVPs. Further, No one can compete with its campus and infrastructure. To release the mundanity of scheduled classes and tiresome lectures, nearby parties can be relied upon. Its attraction lies in an easy and connected commute.

It’s not all about classes; it is a journey of new friends, food explorations and even the now-typical lecture daydream. Simply put, Jesus and Mary College is not only a college – it’s all about positive essence!

What if there was a place where learning is like giving someone else a high-five and the stores are bursting with positive vibes? Books are not the only thing here; it’s an attitude that says, “Yo! Let’s smash this blasted academic journey!”

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