Everything You Need To Know About Kalindi College, DU

Kalindi College, DU
Kalindi College

Life At DU

Life at Delhi University is a unique experience, and DU, as it's commonly known, stands out as one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Beyond its academic reputation, DU is celebrated for fostering a vibrant campus life that plays a crucial role in the holistic development of students.

Delhi University comprises colleges spread across the city, with notable distinctions between the North Campus, South Campus, and Off Campus colleges. It not only provides timeless opportunities for academic growth but also offers quality education and remarkable non-academic exposure.

Delhi University, du
Delhi University

Delhi University stands as an exceptional institution renowned for both its academic achievement and lively campus atmosphere. Its amazing history of producing accomplished alumni and housing esteemed faculty makes DU one of India's premier universities. The university's diverse academic programs and global fame draw students not only from across the country but also from across the globe.

Beyond the academic focus, DU places a strong emphasis on holistic development, providing a stage for students to excel in their areas of passion. It refuses to be just an educational institution; it evolves into a community that nurtures the brightest minds in the city, fostering an interactive and engaging environment conducive to both personal and academic growth.

Why Kalindi College?

Kalindi College, one of the many colleges of Delhi University, is not just a place for academic excellence but a hub of vibrant student life! With a stamp of approval from the UGC and an 'A' grade accreditation from NAAC, this college is your ticket to a dynamic learning experience. Being a women's college it has been empowering our ladies since establishment, chasing the fast paced world.

Kalindi College, du
Kalindi College

Courses Offered

Like other DU Colleges, Kalindi college offers a wide variety of courses to its students. Discover your academic passion by enrolling in the range of undergraduate courses like B.A, B.Com, and B.Sc, or elevate your expertise with the postgraduate program offering M.A in Hindi, Political Science, or Sanskrit.


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DU Colleges are well known for their amazing socities and cultural activities. Stepping into Kalindi, you'll find their cultural clubs like Mantarna (Debating Society), Aghaaz (One Act Play), Raqs (Street Play), and more! Unleash your creativity, be an asset to the institution as you form your own experiences bagging achievements and filling your CVs in.


Lack of materials is always out of question if you are a student of Kalindi! Dive into a sea of knowledge with their well-stocked library boasting 81,889 books, 109 journals, and 16 newspapers. E-journals and E-books? They've got those too! Your academic journey just got a whole lot more easy, convenient and pocket friendly.

Vibe Check At Kalindi College

At the end of the day college is not about classes alone, its the people, vibes and opportunities! Immerse yourself in a thriving campus life with dedicated committees and cells. Worried about legitimacy and safety? From the Proctorial Committee to the Grievance Redressal Committee, they've got your back every step of the way.

Kalindi college proudly boasts of its great infrastructure, well maintained classrooms, lawns and laboratories! With six canopies and a Nescafe counter, it's not just a canteen; it's a culinary adventure. Hygienic food and good times await!
Join over 4,200 regular students, 1,400 Non-Collegiate students, and 2,100 from the School of Open Learning Centre. Kalindi College is not just an institution; it's a community.

Places To Hangout Near Kalindi College

College life is all about exploring and having fun. Of course, no one spends their whole day at college, so these nearby hangout places are in for a save. Students find themselves surrounded by an array of inviting food and hangout spots.

The amazing Kachori Wala, a favourite spot for spice enthusiasts, where the tempting aroma of "matar kachori" mingles with the lively beats of background music, offering not just a great treat but also a pocket-friendly delight with chole kulche, samosas, and cold drinks.

Everyone's favourite Maggi Point, standing opposite ICSI, draws student attention with its diverse array of Maggi variations, accompanied by sandwiches, patties, burgers, and quick snacks. Venture behind City Hospital in Karol Bagh, and you'll discover Art of Spices, a takeaway gem for roll enthusiasts, dishing out finger-licking options like the egg double chicken roll and chicken Malai tikka roll.

Are you a cafe person? Head to Caboose X Café & Lounge in East Patel Nagar Market, standing out with its cozy atmosphere, hookah delights, reasonably priced food, and the excitement of cricket and football match screenings. Stepping outdoors, go over to Jheel Park, adjacent to the college, and witness students capturing moments by the picturesque lake.

And for those seeking the comfort of familiar tastes, East Patel Nagar Market hosts popular fast-food chains like Dominos, Dunkin' Donuts, Pizza Hut, and McDonald's—providing quick and convenient options for students to savor.

How To Reach Kalindi College?

Kalindi College, University of Delhi · J5XH+95P, Block 49, East Patel Nagar, Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, 110008, India
★★★★☆ · Women’s college

The Nearest Metro station to Kalindi college is Patel Nagar Metro Station, most students prefer to use Metro as a means of transport due to its affordability and accessibility.

Patel Nagar Metro Station, kalindi college, du
Patel Nagar Metro Station


In summary, Kalindi College, stands out as a beacon of academic excellence and vibrant community life. Beyond its amazing courses and resources, the college has undergone minor yet impactful changes, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all Kalindians.

With a commitment to holistic development, Kalindi College fosters a warm and engaging environment. Professors double as mentors, enhancing student lives.

The administrative staff's friendly approach simplifies bureaucratic processes, turning every interaction into a positive experience. The canteen becomes the home to students, a space for them to share stories and experiences whiling filling their stomachs up.

Situated in the heart of Delhi, the college offers more than just education – it provides easy access to the city's vibrant culture. Kalindi College is not just an institution; it's a community that values diversity, knowledge, and personal growth. It's where education transcends boundaries, and a supportive community defines the journey.

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