Exploring Kirori Mal College: All You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know About Kirori Mal College
Everything You Need To Know About Kirori Mal College

Life At Delhi University

About DU

Delhi University, often referred to as DU is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Well known for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life, DU is the perfect place for the overall holistic development of students.  Delhi University colleges are scattered across Delhi and divided majorly into North Campus, South Campus, and Off Campus colleges. Kirorimal College, located in the North Campus is one of the standout colleges in this esteemed university, offering timeless opportunities, quality education, and exemplary non-academic exposure as well. Located in the heart of Delhi, KMC finds itself on top of students' preference lists. Through this article, let's delve into various aspects of the college that highlight its presence amongst other DU colleges.  

Dil Se DU: Tales of Life in Delhi's Academic Hub

Delhi University is an outstanding institution known for its academic excellence and vibrant campus life. With a rich history of producing great alumni and housing top faculty, DU stands out as one of India’s premier universities. The university’s academic program offerings and global recognition attract students across the country and beyond.

Delhi University
Delhi University

What sets DU apart is its dynamic crowd, comprising students and staff from diverse backgrounds, united by a common pursuit of success. With 65 affiliated colleges, the university is a focal point for creativity and expression during the festive season, providing healthy competition and networking among students. DU provides unmatchable opportunities to the students in every aspect, be it academic or non-academic.

Beyond academics, DU emphasizes overall development, providing a platform for students to excel in their areas of interest. It is not merely a place of learning; it's a community that nurtures the best minds in the city, offering an interactive and engaging environment for personal and academic growth.

Essentially, the University of Delhi is much more than an academic institution; it is a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures talent and creativity and shapes individuals into well-rounded and successful human beings who contribute to society.

Link to Delhi University's official website: https://www.du.ac.in/

About KMC

Located in the North Campus, Kirorimal College (KMC) is one of the topmost educational institutes in the country. KMC proudly identifies as the second-best college for political science and the sixth-best college for chemistry in India. It has also secured the 9th rank in India overall, based on the Central Ministry NIRF ranking 2023, placing it 4th among the top colleges of the University of Delhi. Established in 1954, it stands as a beacon of academic excellence.

Link to Kirorimal College's official website: https://kmc.du.ac.in/

Kirori Mal College
Kirori Mal College

Kirori Mal College­ boasts of its qualified teachers and impre­ssive facilities. KMC offers an array of undergraduate­ and postgraduate courses in diverse­ fields like science­s, humanities, social sciences, and comme­rce. The National Assessme­nt and Accreditation Council bestowed the college with a 3.54 (A++) CGPA in 2023, ranking it third among all De­lhi University colleges.

Why Kirori Mal College?

Courses Offered

Kirorimal College has a comprehensive range of courses across disciplines, catering to the diverse interests of students. From humanities and sciences to commerce and technology, the college ensures a holistic educational experience, providing undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The most prominent undergraduate courses are B.A. (Hons.), B.Sc. (Hons.), BCom (Hons.), B.A Programme and B.Com Programme. The college also offers postgraduate courses under the streams of arts and science.


The college library is a treasure box of knowledge, equipped with an extensive collection of books, journals, and digital resources. It serves as a haven for students, fostering a conducive environment for research and academic exploration.

Kirori Mal College Library
Kirori Mal College Library

Along with the college library, the DU e-library is an extended aid to the students since it provides all the study materials, free of cost and at our fingertips. DU e-library can be accessed using the university e-mail ID or while using the college wifi.

Placement Opportunities

Being one of the topmost colleges in the country, Kirorimal College offers exemplary placement opportunities to students.

Avenues- the Placement Cell of Kirori Mal College, stands out as one of Delhi University's oldest and most active placement cells.  With a goal to connect the dots between the tough competition in the industry and the incredible potential within our college, avenues are a great aid to students, supporting them in stepping into the corporate world.

Every year, a diverse range of profiles are seen as companies come to recruit students. The placement cell is committed to uncovering each student's potential and tirelessly working on programs to provide exposure, helping students sharpen their skills and nurture their talents. Right from the first year, students get opportunities for prestigious internships, refining their corporate skills before they enter the Recruitment Procedures in their final year.

NIRF Ranking

Consistently maintaining its top rankings amongst the colleges in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), Kirorimal College reflects its commitment to academic excellence and the overall development of its students. Kirori Mal College (KMC) was ranked 10th in 2022 and 9th in 2023. In addition to that, in 2023 KMC was also ranked 4th among the top colleges of the University of Delhi, 2nd best for Political Science, and 6th best for Chemistry in India.


Another speciality of DU is the lively student societies that bring an exciting vibe to campus life. Whether you're into culture, literature, sports, or technical stuff, there's a chance for every student to dive into their passions beyond regular studies. These societies are what set Delhi University apart, and among them, KMC's societies are leading the way.

The most famous societies in the college are:







Other than these, several other societies and clubs catering to every possible field of interest are present in the college.

Department freshers of the English Department(2023)
Department freshers of the English Department(2023)

Vibe Check At Kirori Mal College

KMC campus has a lively and welcoming feel, mixing modern facilities with a touch of history. With lush greenery and tidy lawns, it creates a calm setting for academic activities. The beautiful college building adds to the college vibes, and sports facilities in the college include table tennis, chess, boxing, etc. The college has a well-equipped gym with a professional trainer, which is open to all the students on campus.

Situated in the heart of Delhi, one of the north campus colleges, Kirori Mal College is located in the perfect spot for the overall development of the students, exposing us to the amazing and talented DU north campus students. This provides the students easy access to courses offered in the cluster college system as well as the famous DU fests.

Vibe Check
Vibe Check At Kirori Mal College

Kirori Mal College is famous for the amazing fests various societies and clubs offer. The exemplary societies and the opportunities they provide add to the fun aspects of students’ college lives.

How To Reach The Nearest Metro Station?

Located near the Vishvavidhyalaya metro station, KMC is located at an easily accessible location. For students travelling by bus as well, travelling to the college is pretty easy since a bus stand is located just outside the college gate.

Places To Hangout Near Kirori Mal College

With the back gate opening into the noisy beauty of the busy markets of Kamla Nagar, Kirorimal College is nearest to all the amazing hangout places in the north campus. Be it cafes, markets, or malls, everything you need is just a few steps away! The most famous chai ki tapri in the entire city, the forever busy “Sudama Chai,” is hardly 10 steps from the campus; whether you see your classmates in the college or not, they’ll be there at Sudama’s! Not enough? We’ve got you covered, Kamla Nehru Ridge being at a nearby spot is the favourite spot for couples and friends to hang out, and the best horror play late in the evenings, the famous Majnu ka Tila with its Tibetan legacy, and Hudson Lane with its amazing cafes are also located nearby.


In conclusion, Kirorimal College, proudly listed among the top 5 DU colleges, is one of the topmost colleges within Delhi University, offering a comprehensive range of courses, top-notch resources, and exemplary placement opportunities. With consistently high NIRF rankings and a commitment to holistic development, KMC has earned its place among the top colleges in the country, with the rank 9.

Beyond academics, the vibrant student societies contribute to a dynamic campus life, making the college a hub of cultural and intellectual engagement. Situated in the heart of Delhi's North Campus, the college not only provides an ideal environment for learning but also offers easy access to diverse hangout spots, adding to the overall college experience. Kirori Mal College, with its rich history, exemplary alumni and commitment to quality education is the best place to channel your successful future.  As you explore the corridors of Kirori Mal College, you'll find not just a place of learning but a community that values knowledge, diversity, and personal growth.

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