Everything You Need To Know About Motilal Nehru College, DU

Motilal Nehru College, DU
Motilal Nehru College, DU

'Sup peeps! We are back again, with a new college and new information. So, are you ready to ditch the textbooks and dive into the electrifying world of Motilal Nehru College, University Of Delhi? Buckle up, because this ain't your average info dump! Let's get right into it!😁

Life at Delhi University

Life at DU is often described as a whirlwind of experiences, both academic and personal. DU boasts some of the greatest minds in India, offering diverse and engaging courses across various disciplines. With a wide range of colleges and courses, one can tailor their education to their interests and aspirations. One should always be ready to push themselves intellectually, as DU attracts high-calibre students from all over India.

Delhi University-DU
University of Delhi

Delhi University is famous for its sprawling campuses which have hubs of activities, with bustling cafeterias, lively student societies, and cultural events throughout the year. At Delhi University, one can not only grow academically but also at the same time get involved in extracurricular activities, pursue their passion, and discover hidden talents through various societies, clubs, and associations.

Why Motilal Nehru College?

Motilal Nehru College is one of the largest constituent colleges of University of Delhi. It bears its name after the Pandit Motilal Nehru, a great leader, patriot, freedom fighter, jurist and progenitor of a line of illustrious Prime Ministers.

Motilal Nehru College
Motilal Nehru College

It's co-ed college and offers several courses at UG, PG and certificate programmes under different disciplines. Credited Grade-A by NAAC, Motilal Nehru College is known for academic excellence, vibrant campus life, and nuturing some of the best minds of our country.

The college boasts of a sprawling campus, huge library, technologically enabled conference room, spacious lecture theatres and excellent sports facilities. The entire campus is Wi-fi enabled and all students can have-   free internet connection, uninterrupted!

Fact: The college was originally built in a government school with only 300 students. In 1989, its location was shifted to present day location, and now it holds the strength of over 3,000 students from all over India, & abroad!


The library at Motilal Nehru College provides access to print collection of more than 1,15,000 volumes and about 104 journal and Magazine titles as well as continuous access to a large number of full text and bibliographic e-resources through Delhi University Library System, National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Colleges and Developing Library Network (DELNET). The college library has provision of Inter-library loan provided by DELNET.

Motilal Nehru College Library
MLNC Library

The E-resources centre of library has 21 Computer Systems for e-resources and internet access. It also has a well-equipped empowering unit with all latest software and gadgets facility for visually challenged users.

Their motto is:

Motto is to meet the informational, recreational and educational need of the members and thereby to facilitate learning, teaching, research, training and consultancy activities at the college.

Their vision is:

Books and beyond.


Motilal Nehru College has a compus full of life abd vibrant vibe. There are several societies for personal and professional growth of students.

Some of them are:

》Aadhar- the drama club

》Chanakyan- the photography club

》Combrosia- the commerce society

》Electra- the western dance society

》Malhaar- the music society

》Bellissimo- the fashion society

》Jhankaar- the folk dance society

》Markult- the marketing society

Not just these, there are more fun, interactive and well-known societies of Motilal Nehru College.

Motilal Nehru College also has an Entrepreneurship Cell, a Placement Cell and a Women Development Cell.

To Know More about the societies, click the link below👇



Motilal Nehru College has its own placement cell that invites various companies to hire students from different courses for different job roles. Top recruiters of the college include. Fluor India Limited, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Cians Analytics, AON Hewitt, etc.

The college has a very active Placement Cell along with the Career Development Center which looks into the placement for its students from all streams. The scope of work of Placement Cell extends from organizing Resume Workshops to providing internships to students in various organizations during summer breaks and preparing students for the final placements for the Jobs.

Other Facilities

Canteen: The canteen provides a variety of dishes at subsidised rates for students and staff members of the College. The canteen is located in a beautiful corner of the campus with both indoor and outdoor seating. The students can use the canteen facilities during college hours.

Medical Room: The College has a medical room adequately equipped to meet any medical emergencies in the campus. A qualified and experienced medical doctor is available in the medical room from 11:00 A.M. to 01:00 P.M. on all working days. Students can avail this facility free of charge.

Conference Hall: The College boasts of a spectacular conference room that can accomodate almost hundred people. The room is equipped with the latest audio-visual and multimedia equipment. The College has hosts several national and international conferences and seminars in this room.

Wi-Fi Campus: Motilal Nehru College is a fully Wi-Fi enabled campus with free internet access for every student of the College. Every student of the College is provided with a unique username and password enabling them to easy access of internet connectivity on the campus.

Fire Up 4 Fests!


The annual cultural fest of Motilal Nehru College is one of the most keenly anticipated fests owing to its past success and continued excellence.

It is a grand two days fiesta that attracts a large number of students, not only from Delhi University, but from different universities as well. The festivities range from competitions in the field of Dramatics, Music, Dance, Fashion and Photography. But that's not all, it also boasts of cultural events like performances by leading artists and renowned Rock Bands. Furthermore, Kaafila espouses a lot of buzz to our trademark competitions like the Quest, Mukaam, Dhamaal, Spark and Aarohi.

The festival is organized on a large scale and has carved a niche for itself amongst the youth of Delhi. Every year, the Kaafila juggernaut returns to the University spectrum, promising to be bigger and better than ever before.

Motilal Nehru College Fest
Past Glimpses Of Kaafila


Embracing the artistic bequest, Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi every year hosts the Youth and cultural Festival "PHOENIX" making it the biggest artistic celebrations among Delhi University.

A blend of cultural ethnicity enfolding different creative genres will be displayed during this five day cultural extravaganza celebrating the cultural depth of Indian society. Each year the festival involves over 200 creative arts, cultural, and community groups making MLNC Fest one of the grandiose cultural affairs in the Delhi University.

When merchants of Sufi music, Salim- Suleman hits the beat you ought to groove. Stage that has footprints of megastars like Papon, J-Star, Milind Gaba, Karan Sehambi, The Landers is witnessed by a huge crowd.

Places To Hangout Near MLNC

When one says South Campus, the most famous place that comes to mind is, SatyaNiketan!!

This place is packed with restaurants, cafes and party spots! One can easily find a great cafe or a restaurant, under affordable cost for 2 and even for a group. Not a need to say, but this place is always filled with students and people, regardless of the season or time! Not just students, but even professors come here sometimes to let off some steam!

Also, there are few parks nearby Motilal Nehru College. Not to forget, MLNC has a trekking spot, which also works as a great hanging-out and place to bask under sun!😉

The Vibe Check

The crowd of Motilal Nehru College is one to behold of! The students are enthusiastic, always preparing or organising a fun event. Many events like fashion day, Bollywood Day, flash mobs, Ethnic Day, dance and music performances make it one of the liveliest crowd of Delhi University.  

Not just these, also people like to hangout inside the campus, as well as outside the campus. The whole college is lively till 5 PM, after which its closing time.

Fests, events, seminars, workshops, etc., are happening all year round. Students under the brilliant guidance of excellent teachers and professors, develope themselves for being the perfect candidate who will lead the country towards better future.

With brilliant young minds, filled with enthusiam and desire to learn and grow, while enjoying all the festivities, the students grow not just academically, but also socially as well as culturally, proving the magnificence of this institution!

Choose Your Ride!

Motilal Nehru College falls under the category of South Campus. It is located at Benito Juarez Marg, South Campus, New Delhi-21. The nearest metro station to reach the campus, is Durgabai Deshmukh Station.

From the station, its a 16 minutes walk to reach the premises of the college. One can either opt to walk, or can also avail the service of E-rickshaw for saving their time.

Motilal Nehru College
MLNC Location


Immerse yourself in academic excellence & vibrant life at Motilal Nehru College!

Diverse courses and renowned faculty to ignite your young minds. Unleash your passions - join dramatics, capture moments in photography, move with dance societies. Expansive library fuels your intellect, while on-campus havens nourish your well-being. The fests, events and the cultural extravaganza, awaits with music, dance, laughter. Dream big as top companies seek MNLC graduates. Start your extraordinary college story here!🤩🤗

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