Everything You Need To Know About Pearl Academy

Everything You Need To Know About Pearl Academy
Everything You Need To Know About Pearl Academy

Want to start your college life with one of the best colleges in Delhi and interested in fashion, innovation and designing? Here we come with all the updates and information about Pearl Academy which can be the perfect choice for you.

Let's go and dive into all you need to know about Pearl Academy.


Pearl Academy (formerly known as Pearl Academy of Fashion) is one of the most reputed colleges in Delhi. It is an Indian higher education institution and stands popular for its creative education, fostering talent, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit since its inception. With a legacy of more than two decades, it offers studies in fashion, design, business, and media education.

In this detailed exploration, we'll look into the rich culture of Pearl Academy, unveiling its evolution, history, academic transformation and societal impact.

About The College

Academic Offerings

Pearl Academy offers a wide range of degrees including undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma programs to meet the needs of the creative industry.

Here is a list of courses it offers:

  • Fashion Design
  • Communication Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Luxury Brands Management
  • Media And Communication
  • Animation And VFX
  • Game Design

These are just a few examples of the courses and degree it offers. Each course is designed to provide students with a better learning in the field of creativity and business.

Faculty Excellence

At the heart of Pearl Academy's success lies the excellence in the working of each and every faculty comprising their personal life for the betterment of the institution. Their expertise along with the creative approach towards teaching, fosters an environment of experimentation and innovation.

This enables the student of Pearl Academy to push their boundaries and give their best for a bright career in whatever they're doing.

Global Alliance

Pearl Academy has made its own strategy to have good bonds and collaborations with the leading industries nationally and internationally. Looking at the importance of global perspectives in a rapidly growing world, Pearl Academy offers a opportunity for study tours in collaborations and international exchange programs with esteemed institutions worldwide.

These experiences not only broaden students' boundaries, but also develops in them a sense of collaboration and cross cultural understanding. The extensive international tie-ups facilitate around 200 students to participate in reciprocal exchanges, international conferences and study tours each year.


Everything you need to know about pearl academy
Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy's infrastructure is designed in a way to foster creativity and innovation, providing the students with the tools and resources they need to excel their chosen field of study. It is designed to provide students with perfect space to showcase their creativity and work efficiently of the projects.

The major facilities in the campus buildings are:

  • Design Studios
  • Fabrication Labs
  • Digital Media Centers
  • Library
  • Auditoriums and Lecture Halls
  • Cafeteria and Recreation Areas
  • Workshops and Labs

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The institution's commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation is reflected in its initiatives including startup accelerators, development programs and mentorship.

Through proper academic support and industrial linkage , it empowers students to transform their creative ideas into viable ventures.


Pearl academy has a dedicated placement cell which focuses mainly on the placement rate of the students studying in the institution. It allows the students to get placed in prestigious countries all around the world. As per the academy's report, over 700 companies including Walt Disney, Accenture and IBM consistently look for the top-notch talents from the institute.

Along with this, various internationals companies are also included in the placement list of the Pearl Academy, providing its students with global exposure. There was a 99% placement of Pearl Academy record in 2023.

Vibe Check At Pearl Academy

College Events And Fests

A diverse range of events and fests happens in the Pearl Academy on regular basis. The biggest event of Pearl Academy is Pearl Utsav. Apart from this, some of the recent events of Pearl Academy are Lakme Fashion Week, GAFX, Pune Design Festival, Comic Con, Pinkvilla Style Icon Awards etc.

For more updates about the events of the institute, you can check their official site.


Pearl Academy has its branches in many parts of the country. From Delhi to Bengaluru, it has its name and popularity.

To check out the major locations of Pearl Academy, click here.


Some of the major recruiters from Pearl Academy are

  • Aditya Birla          
  • Amazon
  • Brahaan
  • Craftsvilla
  • Diviana
  • Eventwala
  • Fabindia
  • Nirmals
  • Unreal Engine and many more.

Alumni Success Stories

Many successful people started their journey from the Pearl Academy. From famous designers to award-winning filmmakers, graduates are earning fame in their industries and respective fields, inspiring others along the way.

Some of the notable alumni of Pearl Academy are Shreya Mehta( content creator, The Filmy Kudi), Shinny Jain ( Sr. Business Data Analyst, Intuit USA), Saurabh Chadha( Head of merchandising, PT IDENTITY Indonesia), Shaan Muttathil (Celebrity Makeup Artist), Ria Gureja ( Award winning Art Director) and so on.

Places To Hangout Near Pearl Academy

If you are thinking that Pearl is only famous for its education and academics, then you are actually missing out. There are a number of outlets nearby the institution to hangout with friends. Some of them are Kashi Ram Chhole Kulche, Pehli Bar, The Waffle Co. and Bricklane Cafe. These are famous for their good and affordable food, along with beautiful interior.

So, now you know where to visit next time whenever you're near Pearl Academy.

How To Reach Pearl Academy?

The nearest metro station to Pearl Academy, situated in Delhi, is Delhi Cantt. It is situated just 1.37km away from the institution. It makes it easy, efficient and hassle-free for the students and staffs of the institution to go and return from there.

Everything you need to know about pearl academy
Delhi Cantt. Metro Station


Pearl Academy is a leading institution for creative education and entrepreneurship, offering a variety of courses and degrees for UG, PG and diploma. At Pearl Academy, students have access to top-notch facilities and environment, the studios, labs, media centers and libraries are designed in such a way that if offers the best place for a student to explore their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

In addition to academic excellence, Pearl Academy is also active towards social responsibility and sustainability. Through initiatives like community outreach programs and eco friendly design projects, students are bound to feel connected to their environment and ethics.

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