Everything You Need To Know About Rajdhani College

Everything You Need To Know About Rajdhani College

Let's talk about Delhi University and Rajdhani College today. After reading this, you will get the complete idea and experience of Rajdhani College from the comfort of your home.

Life At Delhi University

About DU

Life at DU is often described as a whirlwind of experiences, both academic and personal. DU boasts some of the greatest minds in India, offering diverse and engaging courses across various disciplines. With a wide range of colleges and courses, one can tailor their education to their interests and aspirations. One should always be ready to push themselves intellectually, as DU attracts high-calibre students from all over India. But enough with the academic talk, let's explore the interesting and fun side of DU. Delhi University is famous for its sprawling campuses which have hubs of activities, with bustling cafeterias, lively student societies, and cultural events throughout the year. At Delhi University, one can not only grow academically but also at the same time get involved in extracurricular activities, pursue their passion, and discover hidden talents through various societies, clubs, and associations.

Delhi University
Delhi University

About Rajdhani College

For students who are not from Delhi, life in the city can be overwhelming but Delhi University provides support systems to help them adapt. Delhi University has several colleges under its wings in Delhi, out of which, one is Rajdhani College. Colleges are not just meant to help us grow academically but socially & personally as well, and this college sets one of the best examples of how knowledge can be gained in a fun and rewarding way. Now, as you might know, Delhi University categorizes colleges under three different campuses, namely North Campus, South Campus, and Off Campus.

Rajdhani College
Rajdhani College

Rajdhani College falls under the category of South Campus, but being away from the main South Campus office, it is also sometimes considered as an Off Campus college. Established in 1964, Rajdhani College, University of Delhi is a premier institution, situated on Mahatma Gandhi Marg (Ring Road), near Rajouri Garden and Raja Garden in west Delhi. Its proximity to Rajouri Garden Metro Station highlights it quite a bit.

Why Rajdhani College?

Courses Offered

The university offers Degree courses including 27 UG and 4 PG courses. These programs are offered in Full Time mode. Rajdhani College, University of Delhi is a premier institute for B.A., M.A., M.Com, B.Sc,  B.Com courses. Candidates can pursue multiple courses like B.A., M.A., M.Com, B.Sc., and B.Com with the stream of Humanities & Social Sciences, Accounting & Commerce, and Science.

Over the period, this college has gained expertise through its trained and experienced faculty in the fields of English, Hindi, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics, and Computer Science.

Rajdhani College provides good facilities all around the campus like an Auditorium, Cafeteria, Gym, Medical Facilities, Labs, Library, Sports Complex, and Wi-Fi Campus. The infrastructure of the college is above average, having spacious rooms and classes having good-quality seats. Each class is spacious enough to accommodate 70 students, and every classroom has AC installed in them for ease of students.

Resource Hub: Library

The library of Rajdhani College is famous for its plethora of books in diverse fields. Access to the library is made easy and remains open 6 days a week for students' convenience and assistance. In addition to a library with ample knowledge and books, the college also has a Reading Room, accessible by students, which provides a suitable and stress-free environment for studying. The facilities of the Library and Reading room are available for students from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.


Games and More

The Rajdhani College has a huge sports complex with a wide variety of sports. A student who is interested in sports of any kind has an incredible chance of grooming their skill. Most of the games and sports are available. The cricket pitch, the volleyball court, and the race track are very famous in college. The college even provides coaches and organized training routines for the development of the student's skill sets. Recently, students of Rajdhani College have been competing in inter-college matches and have won in several fields like Cricket, Football, Chess, Shot Put, and Athletics among others.

Open Gym at Rajdhani College
Open Gym at Rajdhani College

NIRF Ranking

According to statistics of 2023, Rajdhani College stands in the position of 101 out of 200 colleges, making it quite a great university, considering it is an Off Campus College.

Placement Opportunities

Rajdhani College has been rated above average on placements based on reviews done by students. They provide placement assistance to students. The placement cell tries hard for students to get better placements. It provides placement and internship opportunities every month. Some companies hire interns for 6 months. More than 100 companies visit the college including Accenture, HCL, BYJU's, Unacademy, etc.

Fun Element: Societies

Let’s talk about some of the interesting societies in Rajdhani College. The college not only showcases its academic success but also flaunts a wide range of interactive and well-known societies.

Some societies like Rubaiyat- the music society, Dadachi- the CSE preparation society, Panache- the fashion society, and many others are quite famous in several different universities for their outstanding performances and talents. These societies work innovatively and interactively to help students groom their skills and enhance their hidden potential.

NCC, Rajdhani College
NCC, Rajdhani College

The WDC(Women Development Cell) and NSS often conduct social experiments and welfare schemes that help out people in need. Other interesting associations like ELA(English Literary Association), NCC, P-cell, and E-cell, all help in the development of students both mentally and academically.

Something fun about Rajdhani College

Many fun activities and events are also organized to make campus life enthusiastic. From Ethnic Day, and Diwali Mela to events such as Bollywood Day and annual day concerts- many events are organized just to give a morale boost to students by cheering up their spirits.

Several events such as Poetry Writing competitions between all the departments, debates, photography galleries, and discussions on all types of topics are organized, encouraging students to develop their skills and help boost their intellectual capacity. Not just students, but professors all participate in such challenges and events, as well students from other colleges and universities show their enthusiasm.

Vibe Check At Rajdhani College

Now let's talk about something fun. The canteen environment is very peaceful; a place where everyone enjoys their meals with their friends. The canteen offers good food with minimum charges, and they also have a great variety to choose from.

College Garden

The college garden is adorable with small, flowering bushes that give a great view.  The whole campus speaks for itself for its greenery. There are different kinds of trees and plants all over the campus, with labels and a QR code for every single plant, tree, or shrub which gives us detailed information about that specific species. From ornamental to medicinal, every variety of plant is planted inside the campus, giving a tranquil and aesthetic vibe to the college.

The campus is wonderful; all things are in good shape. The infrastructure is very good, and all the classes have good-quality seats. Also, there are a few more colleges in the vicinity, which makes the crowd around the college quite interesting and appealing.

Playground in Rajdhani College

Hangout Places Near Rajdhani College

The college is surrounded by malls and cafes, making it a perfect destination for hanging out with friends after a tiresome day.

Cafes like Hunger Nation, Drizzlin, Costa Coffee, Cafe Coffee Day, and others are within walking distance from the College and within affordable range for a student. Malls like RCube, Vishal, and Decathlon are also in proximity.

Costa Coffee near Rajdhani College
Costa Coffee

Several cinema halls such as INOX are also available nearby. There's also the Ramesh Nagar market where one can find all the thrift shops and other fast food joints for chilling and hanging out with friends.

One of the best chilling spots will be the small chai tapri just outside the college. That place is always filled with students. The Capri is like an escape from the bustling college day and hectic schedules, a place to just hang out & catch up with different friends & acquaintances, and a safe place to bunk your lectures.

One can get all the gossip about college, and news about the country & city, and also is a perfect meet-up point for campus couples. Not only that, but one can also go to Decathlon and book slots for a session of a refreshing cricket match, table tennis match, or window shopping.

How To Reach The Nearest Metro Station?

The Rajdhani College has great connectivity with a range of options for travelling. There are two metro stations near Rajdhani College- ESI-Basaidarapur, and Rajouri Metro Station. You can reach the Rajouri Garden metro station by either the blue line or the pink line.

From the blue line Rajouri Garden Metro Station, the college is about 10 mins walking distance away, whereas from the pink line Rajouri Garden Metro Station, it is about 8 mins of walking distance only. If you are not in the mood for walking, then you can take an e-rickshaw from any Rajouri Garden Metro Station for your ease.

When you exit from the ESI-Basaidarapur metro station, it takes only 3 mins to walk to college.

ESI-Basaidarapur Metro Station
ESI-Basaidarapur Metro Station

It also has several bus stops in its proximity, where buses arrive at regular intervals, all day long.

Wait, There's More

Teachers are very educated in their fields and have a great way of teaching. The university flaunts great teachers who always motivate the students to do their best and also come up with very good ideas so that they can execute them to do good in their lives. Almost all the teachers are very friendly; one can ask for their help with any problem. They will advise on how to have more internships and how to appear for an interview. Passing is quite easy; you can easily pass the exams every student passes, as exams are qualifying in nature and the teaching method of faculty makes it easier for students to cope with the vast syllabus easily.

Rajdhani College Garden
Rajdhani College Garden

Some notable alumni of Rajdhani College are Ashish Nehra - a renowned cricketer, Aakash Chopra- a famous YouTuber, and cricket analyst, and Balbir Punj- an honorary parliamentarian.


So, there you have it folks, a crash course on Rajdhani College - the place where academic excellence does a tango with epic campus life. With unexpected turns, you might be studying Classical Literature in the morning and then vibing to the beats of drums and guitar of flash mob by the college band, RIZZ-dhani!

It's not just another building under the DU, but also a place where you grow academically with incredible experiences, buzzing societies, and a sprinkle of chai-fueled gossip. If you're looking for a college that'll whip your brain into shape while keeping your social life on fire, look no further. Just remember, once you step through those gates, you're not just a student, you're a Rajdhaniite – and that's a badge of honour (and probably a free samosa at the canteen) you'll wear with pride long after you've graduated.

Now, go forth and conquer your dreams, but don't forget to grab a chai with your friends at the tapri first – because what's knowledge without a little gossip to spice it up?

P.S:- Be sure not to miss the central attraction of our college, Simba!! He is a cute cat living on the campus and students take care of him. If you are lucky, he might sleep on you, while you give him chin scratches!!

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