Everything You Need To Know About Shaheed Rajguru College

Shaheed Rajguru College, University of Delhi
Everything You Need To Know About Shaheed Rajguru College

Life At Delhi University

About DU

DU, or The University of Delhi, is the dream of almost every student.

The university comprises 77 colleges which offer an extensive array of 500+ courses in 20+ languages. The university’s colleges are categorised into North Campus, with 13 colleges, South Campus, with 25 colleges and Off Campus, with 20+ colleges.

All DU colleges guarantee a memorable college experience for each student because of its culture, infamous fests, and diverse societies.

The exposure, coupled with top academic facilities, is beyond comparison.

Students from all over the nation come to study here, contributing to the rich, multicultural environment of DU. This provides insights to students about various states and their cultures when students talk to each other.

Delhi University
Delhi University

About Shaheed Rajguru College

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women is in Vasundhara Enclave, Delhi.

Positioned in the east end beyond the Yamuna bank, students coming from different corners of the city quite literally cross the river to come to college, enhancing their city experience.

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women
Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women

Why Shaheed Rajguru College?

Courses Offered

It is a science-dominated college providing a range of B.Sc. (Hons.) programs. The fields in which B.Sc. (Hons.) is provided in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Food Technology, Instrumentation, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics.

Additionally, it offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (FIA) and Bachelor of Management Studies in commerce and management.

And B.A. (Hons) in Psychology under humanities.

Shaheed Rajguru College
Shaheed Rajguru College

Resource Hub: Library

The college library complements these diverse courses with modern facilities.

Using RFID technology, it simplifies book management, offering over 20,500 printed books, around 135,000 e-books, and a vast collection of subjects majorly related to the courses taught, like Electronics, Food Technology, Psychology, and more.

Online resources, including 49,270+ e-journals, enrich the academic journey. With WiFi computer labs and ongoing digitization projects, the library is a hub supporting the college's commitment to providing an enriched and accessible academic experience for students.

To support the diversity of courses offered by Shaheed Rajguru College provides extensive resources for them.

The library stands as a hub of facts and figures, offering an enriched academic experience with cutting-edge facilities and a vast collection of both printed and digital resources, creating a holistic academic environment for students and also making it easy for them to pursue their studies in various fields.


Placement Opportunities

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women boasts an extensive Training and Placement Cell, contributing to the institution's success and growth.

The Placement Cell has been operational for almost a decade, yielding positive results, by providing promising opportunities for graduating and graduated students.

It collaborates with over 25 esteemed companies like Wipro, TresVista, Jaro Education, Google, and Vodafone.

The college covers diverse sectors from IT to Management/Consulting, ensuring a broad spectrum of placement options.

The Placement Cell not only focuses on job placements but also provides valuable soft and hard skill training through industry expert-led sessions.

Recent placement successes include students securing positions in leading companies like HCL Tech, Genpact, ICICI Prudential, Indigo, TCS, and Wipro. This strong placement track record, coupled with the college's commitment to skill development, solidifies its standing in both placement and training arenas.

NIRF Ranking

Ranked 32 in the NIRF rankings, this college not only promises academic excellence but also stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to providing quality education.

Quoting Malcolm X, "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today."

The NIRF ranking reflects the college's commitment to preparing students for a future of success and impact.

Fun Element: Societies

Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women is a vibrant tapestry of student life, offering a diverse range of societies that contribute to holistic development and community welfare.

These societies encompass various genres, fostering personal growth, social impact, and skill development among students.
Performing and Visual Arts Societies:

Ahaarya: The official dance society, is not just a platform for dance but a temple of learning, fostering personal growth.

Glamfijre: The fashion society goes beyond the runway, addressing societal issues through themed performances, and making a lasting impact.

Mukhauta: The Dramatics Society, shedding light on societal discrepancies through street performances and stage acts, widely acclaimed.

Philyra: Enthusiastic about music, providing a platform for musical exploration and expression.

Shuffleshots: The Photography Society, omnipresent at events, nurturing creativity and exploration.

Inklings: The Literary Society, introducing members to the vast universe of literature, is recognized among literary circles.

Glamfire, the Fashion Society
Glamfire, the Fashion Society

Commerce and Statistics Societies:

RAQAM: The Finance and Investment Society, founded in 2019, imparts “in-fin-ite knowledge,” making finance accessible and enjoyable.

SigmaPi: The Statistics Society, guiding members from basic arithmetic to complex statistical problems, offering a collaborative learning platform.

Equilibrium: Equilibrium fosters economic literacy through workshops, events, and practical learning, preparing students for a nuanced understanding of economic principles.

Mark Haven: Mark Haven, founded by the Department of Management and Financial Studies, equips students with marketing skills and industry insights for real-world challenges

Equilibrium, The Economics Society
Equilibrium, The Economics Society

Social Impact and Empowerment Societies:

Enactus: Enactus initiatives like Project Sugavya and Green Haven empower communities with eco-friendly products, fostering sustainable growth and societal well-being.

NSS: NSS, launched in 1969, engages 3.6 million student volunteers in India, actively contributing to community development through various impactful activities.

Human Cafe: Established in 2021, providing a non-judgmental space for emotional sharing and developing interpersonal skills.

AAHAAR-THE FOOD SOCIETY: Initiated in 2021, promoting awareness about food and nutrition, nurturing healthy cooking habits, and exploring foodie innovations.

Menstrual Cafe Rajguru: A campus ambassador program tackling menstrual health stigma and promoting awareness through events and informative sessions.

TEDxSRCSAW: Established in 2021, sharing stories and ideas worth spreading, fostering creative thinking and inspiration.

Hence, the College for Applied Sciences for Women stands as a hub where diverse societies not only cultivate talent and creativity but also instil values of social responsibility. These endeavours not only enrich the college experience but also contribute significantly to societal welfare, embodying the essence of education beyond classrooms.

Vibe Check At Shaheed Rajguru College


Although the college is not among the top 10 Du colleges, it still has an exciting campus life. The college exudes a vibrant ambience, reflecting the energy emanated by students engaged in diverse academic pursuits and extracurricular activities.

Shaheed Rajguru’s amphitheatre is central to each student’s life, serving as a prime hangout spot and shouting the spirit of shared experiences.

Departmental and Societal Fest
Departmental and Societal Fest

Something fun about Shaheed Rajguru College

Fests of Shaheed Rajguru range from the college fest, CARAVAN and various other societal and departmental fest.

Societies add another element of fun and excitement. As mentioned above there are a wide variety of societies providing different exposure opportunities and learning experiences.

Quoting Dr. Seuss, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

Shaheed Rajguru College encourages students to embrace their uniqueness and stand out in their college journey.

How To Reach the Nearest Metro Station?

The nearest metro stations are New Ashok Nagar and Noida Sector 15 on the Blue Line (Noida Electronic City).

Ashok Nagar Metro Station
Ashok Nagar Metro Station

And Trilok Puri - Sanjay Lake, on the pink line.

Trilokpuri- Sanjay Lake
Trilokpuri- Sanjay Lake

E-rickshaw commutes from these stations to the college cost around 20 Rs.

Hangout Places Near Shaheed Rajguru College

DLF Noida and Akshardham, are close to the college adding a touch of cultural and recreational vibrancy to the college's surroundings.

The nearby cafes provide students with the perfect setting to enjoy a cup of tea and immerse themselves in the world of books.

Akshardham near Shaheed Rajguru College
Akshardham near Shaheed Rajguru College


The MAC Markets, adjacent to the college, create a bustling hub of activity with eateries like Dominoes and other eating joints

It also offers convenient facilities, like stationery shops and confectioneries. Providing students with easy accessibility.


Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women stands as a dynamic institution within the University of Delhi,

Echoing academic excellence, extra-curricular, holistic development, and vibrant student life.

With its diverse courses, cutting-edge library facilities, strong placement opportunities, and vibrant societies, the college provides students with an immersive and enriching educational experience.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.” This is the thought students should have in mind during their college years, and Shaheed Rajguru College backs this thought!

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