IIIT Delhi’s Odyssey: Jashn to Remember

IIITD Odyssey 2024
IIITD Odyssey 2024


Rewinding to the last weekend of January 19th and 20th, 2024, IIIT Delhi hosted "Jashn-e-Odyssey 2024." I had the pleasure of being there, and now it's time to spill the beans on this fantastic experience. Here is all that happened:

Before going, I had heard a lot about how Odyssey is one of the best fests in Delhi. My expectations were quite high, and none of them were broken.

There were many events taking place simultaneously, and in this post, I will be highlighting a few of them.

Fest Odyssey
Fest Odyssey

Reverbe: The Fashion Extravaganza

Reverbe was the fashion competition where teams flaunted their cool outfits and creative vibes on the runway.
It was like the photos in a fashion magazine came alive, with vibrant colours and styles everywhere. The awesome execution made the crowd and judges in awe.

Reverbe: Odyssey
Reverbe: Odyssey 24' 

Street Dance Showdown

IIIT Delhi's grounds transformed into a dance battleground with a thrilling street dance competition.
The energy of the teams infused in the air, infecting both the audience and the judges.
The final was a total vibe, with everyone hooting for their favorite team. Adding an unexpected twist, the judge asked for a tiebreaker, pushing everyone to the edge.

Schism: Battle of Bands

The Battle of the Bands was nothing less than a musical rollercoaster.
Each band took the stage, showcasing their unique sound and leaving the judges also in a dilemma.
The variety of genres and talent displayed by each band was exceptional and mesmerizing.

Battle of Bands at Odyssey
Battle of Bands at Odyssey

Beatbox Battle

Standing beside the mini stage and witnessing the contestants performing made you wonder how they were making the sounds and how difficult it is, they make look like a cakewalk.

Beatbox Battle at Odyssey
Beatbox Battle at Odyssey


Jashn-e-Odyssey 2024 not only dazzled with events but also had diverse stalls. Having delicious treats, and trendy accessories.
Few even offering captivating face paintings or glitter designing and braids, making it a delightful culinary and aesthetic delight also.
Talking of the food stalls they ranged from various big names like La Pinoz to small startups like 'Cream on Wheels,'  their top selling, special ice-cream was worth a try.
All these stalls were the reason for the bustling environment before the concert started.

Glimpse of IIITD's stalls
Glimpse of IIITD's stalls 

Akash Gupta's Laughter Riot

Although the crowd was initially a bit mismanaged, everything was cured by 'Hello Brother.'
After all, laughter is the best medicine!
His act served as a perfect interlude, providing a breather before the grand concert that was awaited.

Aakash Gupta in IIIT Delhi
Aakash Gupta in IIITD 

KR$NA’s Spellbinding Performance

The highlight of the first day was undoubtedly the performance by KR$NA.
The entire crowd grooved to his beats, creating an electrifying atmosphere. His unique style captivated the audience, making everyone vibe and dance.

Kr$na at IIITD
Kr$na at IIITD

Shankar Ehsan Loy Making Everyone Breathless

The fest reached its end and pinnacle with their mesmerizing performance. Each person in the audience became a part of an unforgettable musical journey, transcending into a world where time seemed to stand still. The soulful performance left no one excluded, as the crowd collectively experienced a musical euphoria, leaving everyone with a goosebump-giving experience.

Shankar Ehsan Loy at Odyssey
Shankar Ehsan Loy at Odyssey


Jashn-e-Odyssey 2024 proved to be a celebration of talent, creativity, and sheer entertainment. From the vibrant fashion event to the intense dance competitions, from the Battle of the Bands to the laughter-filled evening with Akash Gupta, and finally, the musical ecstasy brought by KR$NA and Shankar Mahadevan – each moment added a unique flavour to this two-day extravaganza.

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