Let's get lost; I mean it~ G-Eazy tour!!!

G-Eazy Tour, Delhi
G-Eazy Tour, Delhi

Everything will be OK, drifting far alone!!!

Buckle up your seatbelts and be prepared! It's time to drift off from the boring world and dive deep into the world of music and never-ending fun!!! As the days get breezy and life gets boring it's time to jump into a capsule of fun as we find ourselves in the concerts of G-Eazy!

Yes, you heard it right! G-Eazy is finally out on an India tour!!!

Who is G-Eazy?

Meet G-Eazy, the charismatic wordsmith hailing from the bustling streets of Oakland, California. Born as Gerald Earl Gillum, he is a true musical alchemist, seamlessly blending amazing beats, thought-provoking narratives, and a captivating presence into his musical world. More than just a rapper, G-Eazy is a master of storytelling and a poetic voice of city life.

Far Alone

Close your eyes and envision driving through the urban landscape, the breeze blowing through your hair, and the smooth sounds of G-Eazy guiding your journey. It's a mix of laid-back vibes and electrifying energy that only he can deliver.

G-Eazy isn't restricted to hip-hop royalty; he is a cultural maestro. Imagine his collaborations transcending genres, growing musical masterpieces that resonate with everyone. With a slick fashion along with titbits of antique aesthetics, G-Eazy effortlessly weaves through success, relationships, and the rollercoaster ride of fame.

Been On

Beyond the level and studio, G-Eazy is greater than a call; he is an image of relatability and authenticity. Whether you are navigating the hustle or chilling with buddies, G-Eazy's music becomes an associate of existence's adventure. So, hop on the G-Eazy journey, wherein every lyric is a story, each beat is a pulse, and the enjoyment is nothing short of a musical adventure through the soul of the streets.

G-Eazy's Musical Magic

G-Eazy, started his journey as a record producer at a young age while juggling college life. He wasn't alone in this adventure; he vibed with artists like Lil B, Crohn, and The Cataracs, adding his rhythm to the mix with a local hip-hop crew called "The Bay Boyz." Those were the Myspace days when they dropped tunes that set the digital world on fire.

Looking back to 2008, G-Eazy found himself at a college talent show, where the crowd almost booed him off the stage. But fear not! Matt Bauerschmidt spotted the raw talent and signed G-Eazy to The Revels Group, a music management company he co-founded with Matt Davis. Talk about a game-changing moment!

But A Dream

Fast forward to 2010, when G-Eazy, armed with charisma and beats, seized the chance to open for heavyweights like Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. The crowd wasn't booing now; they were grooving to the beats and soaking in the G-Eazy vibes.

His mixtapes were the talk of the town, but it was the August 2011 release of "The Endless Summer" that propelled him into the limelight. Picture G-Eazy dropping an updated version of "Runaround Sue," racking up over four million views on YouTube. The music video? Directed by the talented Tyler Yee. Now that's what you call making waves.

I Mean It 

As G-Eazy hit the road in November 2011, touring with Shwayze, his anthem "My Life Is a Party" found a spot in the game Saints Row: The Third. Picture cruising through the virtual city, and G-Eazy's beats are the soundtrack to your in-game adventures.

Me, Myself & I

So, there you have it—a journey from college talent shows to sharing stages with legends, all while turning mixtapes into digital gold. G-Eazy's story isn't just about music; it's a vibrant, fun-filled ride through the highs, lows, and endless summers of his hip-hop hustle.

In the scorching summer of 2012, G-Eazy hit the stage at Vans Warped Tour, unleashing his electrifying beats that set the crowd on fire across the U.S. Picture the heat, the music, and the unforgettable moments.

His musical journey took a higher turn up when the Excellent Adventure Tour was revealed in July 2012, featuring the dynamic duo of G-Eazy and Hoodie Allen. It wasn't just a tour; it was a rolling party hitting up cities like Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and beyond. Fans were in for a treat, with each stop turning into a memorable adventure.

G-Eazy Concert
G-Eazy Concert

Then, in September 2012, G-Eazy pulled a game-changer - "Must Be Nice," his first independent album. No labels, no constraints, just G-Eazy pouring his soul into the music. And guess what? It shot up to number 3 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart. The fans weren't just listening; they were part of a revolution.

July 9, 2013, marked a milestone as G-Eazy, alongside 2 Chainz, added fuel to the fire on Lil Wayne's "America's Most Wanted Tour." The energy was palpable, and the stage was set ablaze.

Fast forward to December 15, 2013 - G-Eazy and Master Chen B took New York City by storm, belting out "Lotta That" from "These Things Happen." The city's heartbeat synced with the rhythm of G-Eazy's music.

Him & I

Hold on tight because, on January 15, 2014, G-Eazy kicked off the "These Things Happen Tour" with Rockie Fresh, KYLE, and Tory Lanez. It wasn't just a tour; it was a travelling carnival of beats, rhymes, and unforgettable moments sweeping through 40 stops in the U.S. and Canada.

Whether you were in the crowd at Warped Tour, joining the Excellent Adventure, or caught up in the whirlwind of the These Things Happen Tour, G-Eazy's journey is more than music; it's a thrilling, human experience through the heart of the musical landscape.

When do we meet?

G-Eazy India Tour
G-Eazy India Tour
Date: 11th Feb 2024
Location: Delhi NCR

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