Top 10 Must-Know Libraries for Delhi University Students

Top 10 Must-Know Libraries for Delhi University Students
Top 10 Must-Know Libraries for Delhi University Students

Welcome to a tour of the Top 10 Libraries that every Delhi University student must know about!


From the historic Central Library in North Campus to the cozy Arts Library and specialized libraries like SRCC, each of these libraries offers a unique blend of resources, ambiance, and activities to enhance your academic journey.

Join us as we explore the modern infrastructure, extensive collections, and whimsical features that make these libraries more than just study spaces. Let's dive in and discover the vibrant world of Delhi University libraries!

1) Central Library, North Campus

Central Library has been around since 1922, not only making it the oldest library at the university but also continuously proving its worth to the students by being of immense use to them and serving to their wants and requirements.

Location: Situated in Delhi University's North Campus, the library is easily accessible to students from various departments and colleges.
Infrastructure: The library is equipped with modern infrastructure, including reading rooms, study spaces, computer labs, and access to online databases.
24/7 Access: Central Library offers round-the-clock access to its resources during exam times, ensuring that students have ample time to study and prepare. It's a haven for night owls and early birds alike.
Historical Significance: Beyond its role as a resource center, the library holds historical significance within Delhi University, symbolizing the institution's intellectual growth over the years.
  • Student Hangout: Despite its scholarly atmosphere, Central Library is a popular hangout spot for students looking to catch up on reading, study with friends, or simply relax between classes.
  • Library Cats: Rumor has it that Central Library is home to a few resident cats who roam the stacks and keep an eye on the books. Whether for the mice or the literature, their presence adds a touch of charm to the library's ambiance.
  • Library Lingo: The Library has its own unique vocabulary, with terms like "bookworms" for avid readers, "stacks" for bookshelves, and "bibliophiles" for book lovers. It's a world of words waiting to be explored.

2) Arts Library, North Campus

Arts Library, North Campus du
Arts Library, North Campus

The Arts Library in North Campus is a cozy space for students who love art, literature, and humanities subjects. It's filled with shelves upon shelves of books, magazines, and resources covering everything from history to literature to philosophy.

Location: Situated in the heart of North Campus, the Arts Library is easily accessible to students and faculty members alike.
Collection: The library boasts a rich and diverse collection of books, periodicals, journals, and digital resources covering a wide range of subjects, including literature, history, philosophy, sociology, and more.
Technology: Equipped with computers, printers, and internet access, the library facilitates research and study in the digital age.
  • Artistic Ambiance: With its cozy reading books, artistic decor, and tranquil atmosphere, the Arts Library provides the perfect setting for creative inspiration and intellectual exploration.
  • Hidden Gems: From forgotten classics to poetry collections, the Arts Library is full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered by readers and researchers.

3) SRCC Library

We're all well aware of the best commerce college throughout Asia, and SRCC's library stands nowhere beneath that.

Specialization: The SRCC library specializes in commerce, economics, and related subjects.
Integration with Curriculum: The library collaborates closely with faculty members to ensure that its collection aligns with the curriculum and academic requirements of SRCC students.
  • Hidden Book Treasures: It's believed that the SRCC Library has a section filled with rare and valuable books, hidden away from the public eye. It's like a treasure trove waiting to be discovered by adventurous bookworms.
  • Bookish Escape Room: Once every semester, the library transforms into a book-themed escape room, filled with puzzles, clues, and hidden passages inspired by famous novels.
  • Literary Trivia Nights: Test your knowledge of literature and pop culture at SRCC Library's monthly trivia nights! Compete against friends and fellows in a battle of wits and get a chance to win fabulous bookish prizes. Isn't that exciting?

4) Miranda House Library

Miranda House Library is like the heart of the college. It's an essential part of college life at Miranda House.

Collection: The library has a wide range of books, journals, and resources covering various subjects like science, humanities, and social sciences, supporting the courses offered by Miranda House.
Events and Workshops: The library organizes events, workshops, and lectures to enrich students' learning experiences and promote academic engagement.
Entry Restrictions: Since Miranda House is an all girls college, boys' entry here is often restricted.
  • Bookworm Statue: At the entrance of the library, stands a whimsical statue of a giant bookworm. It symbolizes the appetite for knowledge among Miranda House students. It's a popular spot for photos and selfies among students.
  • Secret Book Passage: Rumors has it that Miranda House's Library has a secret passage hidden behind one of its bookshelves. While it may just be a legend, the mystery definitely adds an extra layer of intrigue to the library's atmosphere.
  • Haunted Bookstacks: Some students claim to have seen ghostly figures roaming around the bookstacks late at night. Whether it's just their imagination running wild or the library's resident spirits, it adds a spooky twist to late-night study sessions.

5) S.P. Jain Library, FMS

The S.P. Jain Library at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) is a precious resource center for students pursuing management education.

Specialization: The library specializes in management, business studies, and related fields.
Resources: Students have access to a wide range of resources, including textbooks, academic journals, and online databases, to support their learning in the field of management.
Integration with Curriculum: The library collaborates closely with faculty members to ensure that its collection aligns with the curriculum and academic requirements of FMS students.
  • Case Study Central: As a leading business school, the library is known for its extensive collection of case studies. These case studies provide valuable insights and practical learning experiences for students.
  • Networking Nexus: The library serves as a networking nexus for students, faculty, and industry professionals, providing opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and career development.
  • Student Initiatives: The library actively engages students through initiatives such as book clubs, research forums, and entrepreneurship workshops, empowering them to take ownership of their learning and development.

6) Dyal Singh College Library

Claimed as the oldest library of Delhi University, the Dyal Singh College library plays a crucial role in supporting the academic mission of the college, providing students with access to resources and services essential for their learning and research adventures.

Quiet Study Spaces: The library provides quiet study spaces where students can concentrate on their studies and research. These areas offer a conducive environment for learning and intellectual exploration.
Computer Facilities: In addition to its print collection, the library offers computer facilities with internet access, allowing students to access online resources.
  • Bookworm Haven: With its extensive collection of books, journals, and periodicals, the library is a paradise for book lovers and researchers alike. From classics to contemporary works, there's something of everyone's interest here.
  • Student Artifacts: The library houses a collection of student artifacts, including artwork, manuscripts, and historical documents. These artifacts showcase the talent and creativity of students throughout their college's history.
  • Library Mascot: Rumors also have it that the library has a resident mascot—a friendly owl that watches over the shelves and provides inspiration to students during their late night study sessions.

7) Zakir Husain Delhi College Library

The next in queue stands Zakir Hussain Delhi College Library, which is built inside Zakir Husain College, the oldest built college of DU. It serves as an essential resource hub for students and faculty members.

Modern Facilities: Despite its historic roots, the library is equipped with modern amenities, Wi-Fi access, and digital databases, ensuring students have access to the latest information and resources.
Quiet Study Environment: The library provides a serene and conducive environment for study and research, with designated quiet zones where students can concentrate without distractions.
Collaborative Spaces: The library features collaborative spaces where students can work together on group projects, discuss ideas, and exchange knowledge, while promoting collaboration and teamwork.
  • Student Initiatives: The library encourages student participation in initiatives such as book clubs, reading groups, and peer tutoring programs.
  • Cultural Hub: In addition to its academic functions, it hosts art exhibitions, film screenings, and cultural performances, enriching the college experience for students.
  • Green Initiatives: The library is committed to sustainability and environmental guardianship. It has implemented green initiatives such as energy-efficient lighting, recycling programs, and eco-friendly practices to reduce its carbon footprint and promote a greener campus.

8) Kamala Nehru College Library

While Kamala Nehru College is known for its academic excellence, the library plays a crucial role in supporting students' learning and research initiatives.

Cultural Events: The library serves as a venue for cultural events, workshops, and lectures, enriching the academic experience of students, while fostering a sense of community.
Student Engagement: The library also actively engages students through book clubs, reading groups, and literary competitions, promoting a love for reading and intellectual exploration among the student body.
Innovative Initiatives: The library implements innovative initiatives such as digitization projects, library workshops, and online tutorials to enhance the learning experience of students.
  • Artistic Ambiance: The library at Kamala Nehru College is known for its vibrant and artistic ambiance, with colorful murals, inspiring quotes, and creative decor adorning its walls. It's not just a place for study, but also a visual feast to one's eyes.
  • Green Oasis: Tucked away in a corner of the college campus, the library is surrounded by lushness of greenery, where students can escape the hustle -bustle of their campus life.
  • Hidden Gems: The library is also a home to a collection of rare and unique books including first editions, and autographed copies. These hidden gems are a delight for book lovers.

9) Gargi College Library

The library at Gargi College serves as a vital resource center and intellectual hub for the college community, fostering a culture of learning, research, and innovation.

Architectural Charm: The library building at Gargi College is renowned for its architectural beauty, with its modern design and spacious interiors providing a welcoming environment for students and faculty members.
Library Innovations: The library is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of students and faculty members, implementing innovations such as self-checkouts, online reservation systems, and mobile apps for accessing library resources.
  • Secret Reading Nooks: Rumor has it that the library has hidden reading nooks tucked away in quiet corners, where students can escape into the world of books undisturbed. These secret spots are cherished by those who discover them.
  • Themed Displays: The library frequently showcases themed displays highlighting various genres, authors, or cultural topics.
  • Library Selfies: The library has a designated "selfie spot" where students can take photos with their favorite books or in front of the library's iconic features. These library selfies are a fun way for students to capture memories of their time at Gargi College.

10) South Campus Library

The South Campus Library at Delhi University plays a crucial role in supporting the academic mission of the institution and empowering students to succeed in their academic and professional careers.

Cultural Events: The library serves as a venue for cultural events, workshops, and lectures, enriching the academic experience of students and fostering a sense of community within the South Campus.
Community Outreach: The library extends its services beyond the campus through community outreach programs, such as literacy workshops, book donation drives, and library tours for local schools and organizations.


On diving through the list of Top 10 Colleges of DU, we now know that libraries like Central Library in North Campus, Arts Library, and others at Delhi University are vital for students, offering modern facilities, extensive collections, and hosting events.

They're not just places to study but also hubs of activities and cultural events. Each library has its own unique charm, from cozy reading spaces to hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

With their rich history and modern amenities, these libraries play a crucial role in supporting students' academic journeys and fostering a love for learning. They're like treasure troves of knowledge waiting to be explored!

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