MECCA' 2024: The Annual Cultural Fest Of Hindu College

MECCA' 2024: The Annual Fest Of Hindu College
MECCA' 2024: The Annual Fest Of Hindu College

Mere sapno ka fest kab aayega tu?! Aayega nhi, aa gaya!! 😍

Hindu College presents, MECCA- The Hajj to Hindu!  Well, grab your seats, as this is gonna be one heck of a roller coaster ride!!💥

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MECCA'2024, Hindu College

Presenting MECCA 2024

Beneath the canopy of stars, where dreams take flight and hopes soar high, Mecca’24, Hindu College invites you to join the timeless caravan.

Let your heart resonate with the rhythm of dreams as we all embark on this celestial journey together. Dare to dream, dare to create, as we paint the universe with our aspirations!💥

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Mark Your Calendars!

From the blooming whispers of April to the tender embrace of May, immerse yourself in a world of infinite possibilities. End your anticipations, 'cause the dates are here!

30th April, 2024
1st May, 2024

Lock Your GPS!

Get your mind in the festive zone, 'cause the location's unlocked! Hindu College Campus is the venue itself.

There are three metro stations close to Hindu College:

Civil Lines Metro Station
Vidhan Sabha Metro Station
Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station
Hindu College–Delhi University (HC–DU) · M6M6+PCJ, Sudhir Bose Marg, Hindu College, University Enclave, Delhi, 110007, India
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Who's Coming?

Hindu College's MECCA 2024 is a certified banger! Like last year, a whole band of your favorite artists will be coming to rock your evenings and light up your night at this year's Mecca!!

Excited to know who's coming?! Well, follow us on Instagram and keep checking for further updates😉

What's Cooking?

Like every year, this year also Hindu College is gonna throw one of the best fests of Delhi University, with exceptional games, interactive workshops, interesting competitions, and delightful events curated this year's Mecca 2024.


Let your dance speak for you, the story of your heart. Bring your glory to the stage and embrace the emotions of art! We are glad to present to you:

RELEVE - The Thematic Group Dance Competition to bring characters alive and show your sync in style 🤸‍♂️

FINESSE - The Western Solo and Duet Dance Competition to move and groove with fun, in rhythm 💃

Looking forward to seeing the crazy skills and spark ⚡️

MASQUERADE: Script-Writing Competition

Thak gaye hoge man mein fake scenarios banate-banate, so why don’t you unleash your boundless imagination and pour it into words?

We’re calling all overthinkers to bring their fictional stories and register for the scriptwriting competition of Masquerade’24!

Deadline for submission: 28th April, 2024

MASQUERADE: Stage-Play Competiton

“I hate drama!” - said no one ever. So see you at the Stage Play Competition of Masquerade’24. Life mein itna natak karte ho ab stage pe bhi karlo✨

Mr. & Mrs. PANACHE

Step forward as Nakshatra: The Fashion Society of Hindu College invites fashion-forward and charismatic individuals to shine on the runway and to claim their title in Mr & Miss Panache.

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Mr. & Mrs. Panache

Showcase your style, exude confidence, and let your personality shine on the runway under the historic arches of Hindu College. Compete for the crown and immerse yourself in an event filled with fashion, flair, and the spirit of competition.

🔗 Last date to register: 27th April, 2024


Introducing Syncopath, Arpeggio’s very own beatbox battle! Start your cardio training and practice all your sounds, for the final beatbox battle on the 29th of April!

Scan the QR code for the registration link and stay tuned for further updates!!


Overture, the Battle of Bands hosted by Aria, the Western Music Society of Hindu College!

The stage is set and the lights are lit, so pick your instruments up and get ready to captivate the audience, at the biggest stage of the season on the 30th of April!

Scan the QR code for the registration link and stay tuned for more updates!


Twist, turn, and swing at the best dance competition in the town as we bring you the much-awaited 💥 Western Group Dance Competition FIRESTONE 💥 under our annual dance fest, Aramya 2024.

We are looking forward to witnessing the electric energy of all your teams!

And this is not it! To keep up with the updates, follow the official page of ApnaAdda on Instagram, and keep your notifications on!😜

Register Yourselves

⪼ Day - 1 registration | For Outsiders (Android users only):

⪼ Day 1 Registration | Hinduites Only :

⪼ For registration to other competitions:

Join The Fun!

Drop all that you are doing and move fast! A once-in-a-year opportunity is knocking at your door! Academics are important, but that's not all to life. So come and enjoy Mecca'24, and get this experience etched in your memory.🥰

We look forward to seeing you all at the venue, Hindu College, soon!😇

See you there!😉

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