North Campus vs South Campus Colleges in DU. Which is better?

North Campus Vs. South Campus Colleges in Du. Which do you think is better?
North Campus Vs. South Campus Colleges in Du. Which do you think is better?

Hello, Ciao and Namaste to whoever reads this.

I’d like to preface everything by saying that what you will witness here is one of the most legendary debates among students. What’s that, you might ask. The one special question jazz-dancing around us. Which is better: North Campus or South Campus? So gear yourself up for this impressive showdown.

If there were to be a list of attractions present on both campuses, it would undoubtedly be quite long. From the Art faculty of the North Campus to the swoon-worthy green diplomatic air of the South Campus, DU does not lack in beauty and hotness. There is a popular misconception among students that North Campus is much better than South Campus.

Stop, right there. Because you're wrong.

While telling people that you belong to colleges like Hindu, Miranda House or SRCC is enough to jazz them, it does not negate the charm of the colleges of South Campus. But we can’t just settle this debate by mere facts, we need to take into consideration the experiences, lives and life-changing crazy moments of those who have been a part of these campuses.

Academics and Faculty

So let’s get the basic things out of the way first, shall we? Starting with Academics.

North Campus as of now, houses 13 colleges with every possible course combination that you can think of.

B.Com? Check.

Psychology? Check.

There is a little of something for every interest here. The faculty is also pretty exceptional. With top-notch qualifications and impressive CVs uploaded on their respective college websites for the world to see, the professors are filled with only one motive- to get the best out of the students. The class work, assignments, and (wait for it!) attendance are marked in accordance with strict guidelines. The exams are not too difficult and life is pretty chill.

South Campus with its own set of beauties such as Lady Shri Ram College, Jesus And Mary College or Sri Venkateswara College rivals North Campus just the same. The assessment of the faculty and professors of both camps is similar.

Focus on academics and attendance (yeah tough luck) is realized in both the colleges in the same manner. Exams are also conducted as per the DU guidelines. However, the presence of faculties of arts, technologies, music and open learning and distance education in the North Campus gives it an edge over the South Campus. That is not to say, that there is any lack of departments in the South Campus.


Who doesn't love a good view of their college campus when sitting idle with your friends on the ground and vibing to Arijit Singh? The campuses of both the North and the South Campuses are vast, with acres and acres of land.

The North Campus has lots of different departments, libraries, lawns, hostels, and sports facilities both indoors and outdoors. There's also a big forest called Kamla Nehru Ridge nearby where people can go to relax.

You can rent bikes to get around the campus easily. And there are some famous places to hang out like Sudama Tea and Tom Uncle Maggi. The Vice Chancellor's office is in a beautiful building. Every building has a unique style and history. Students often gather to talk, dance, or perform on the paths. The campus is always busy and lively.

The South campus covers 69 acres of green, hilly land, blending nicely with nature. The college campuses are filled with beautiful insta-worthy backdrops and hand views. Departments are in the Arts Faculty, Faculty of Inter-disciplinary and Applied Sciences, and S.P. Jain Centre for Management Studies. It has a big library, health centre, bank, post office, administrative and examination blocks. Some faculty and staff live on campus. There are three hostels for out-of-town students: Geetanjali for women, Saramati for men, and Aravalli for men.


Fests are the biggest deal in DU. Whether you are from North or South Campus, you'll nonetheless find yourself attending the other’s fest. Fests are the unifying and bonding force between the campuses. Be it Reverie of Gargi College or Montage of Jesus & Mary College, fests are filled with musical performances, dance extravaganzas, canopies with the coolest souvenirs to buy and unbounded masti. Ramp walks, stand-up comedians and concerts spice things up.

With singers like Nikhil DSouza, Benny Dayal, KK, Guru Randhawa, Jubin Nautiyal, Hardy Sandhu, and Parmish Verma gracing the stage, everyone loses themselves in the high of the music, beats and rhythm. There is simply no competition between the campuses in that aspect. Both are equally thrilling.

Nearby Places

The stress of studies can be overwhelming sometimes and calls for a chill hangout with friends and probably a big plate of honey chilli potatoes. North Campus does not disappoint us yet again. Hudson Lane is one for the books as it is the most adored and loved hangout spot.

Majnu ka Tila, known for its Tibetan heritage, is another place with affordable cafes and shops. The Kamla Nagar market serves as the solution to all your shopping needs. Ethnic wear, hoodies, jhumkis, or baggy jeans, Kamla Nagar has it all.

South Campus has its own share of fun spots. From Café Coffee Day to Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar markets, there are countless choices. Satya Niketan is popular for budget-friendly food, and coaching centres for entrance exams are nearby. Behind the market, there are many PG accommodations for college students.

Sarojini Market offers the latest fashion trends with stylish cuts, designs, and vibrant colours. Delhi haat INA is just a few metro stations away from the campus and is also quite popular. Hauz Khas Village is another hotspot for South Campus students, offering a variety of eateries.


Both North Campus and South Campus can be easily accessed via metro or bus. The closest metro station to the North Campus is Vishwavidyalya, while Durgabhai Deshmukh is the nearest metro station to the South Campus.

The connectivity between both campuses and the rest of the city is well-established, making it convenient for students and visitors to travel to and from either campus.

So, Which Campus wins?

Let’s check the scoreboard, Shall we?

Well looks like we have a tie in our hands. Given that both campuses are unique and the same in the most magical ways. So which one should you choose?

That depends on your own personal preference. At the end of the day, it all comes down to which course you want to pursue. The "best" option varies depending on personal preferences, the chosen field of study, and the kind of campus atmosphere one prefers.

Students should carefully research factors like college reputation, available courses, faculty qualifications, facilities, extracurricular activities, and overall campus vibe that match their academic and personal aspirations.

Whatever you choose, you better believe that you’ll be in the best hands, and make memories that you’ll be thinking about well into your 50’s. The people, campus and concerts will stay with you and help you grow into an amazing person.

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