Presenting Quintessence'24: The Annual Fest Of Lady Irwin College

Quintessence' 24- The Annual Cultural Fest Of Lady Irwin College
Quintessence' 24: The Annual Cultural Fest Of Lady Irwin College

The allure of music has never felt so strong. The fragrance of excitement has never smelled so delicious. The vision of classy has never been so perfectly defined. In all its glory, welcome Quintessence, aka the Cultural extravaganza of Lady Irwin College, Delhi University.

Presenting Quintessence’24

Quintessence is the perfect example of class and sophistication, brought to you by Lady Irwin College, Delhi University. With mouthwatering foods, sensational music, and goosebumps-inducing performances, it is one of the most hyped-up student fests of DU. With themes, so unique and quirky, you can’t help but fall in love with the excitement and rush that’s to come.

Quintessence has welcomed many celebrated artists and singers, such as Darshan Rawal, Kanika Kapoor, Aseem Sharma, and DJ AQUEEL (just to name a few), who have done such glamorous justice to the name of the college’s fest with their soulful and mesmerizing performances. So ladies and gentlemen, dole out your black ties, because Quintessence’ 24 is here!

Theme Unveiled

Get ready to embark on an enchanting journey into ecstasy, where your spirit will be embraced by boundless joy, laughter, and exhilaration.

Step into a world where passion sets the sky ablaze with adventure, and laughter fills the air, inviting you to join in the excitement. Welcome to "A Door to Ardor!" aka this year’s Quintessence theme

When Is It?

And the excitement prevails as we prepare to enchant you with the magic of Quintessence to be held on:

4th April 2024 (Thursday)
5th April 2024 (Friday)

Where Is It?

The college is a mere 800 meters from Mandi House Metro Station, which is on the blue metro line. Getting there is quick and convenient: you can hop in a cab or take an auto for a 3-minute ride, or enjoy a short 9-minute walk.

Lady Irwin College · University Of Delhi, Sikandra Rd, Mandi House, New Delhi, Delhi 110001, India
★★★★☆ · Academic department


Aren't you rather excited to know how Quintessence has been conducted throughout the years? Here's a little peak into the previous year's extravaganza!

What Can You Expect?

1. Gandhi Study Circle

Experience the creation of cherished memories in the making at सौम्यता '24, an event brought to you by the Gandhi Study Circle at Lady Irwin College.

Witness the harmonious blend of timeless traditions and the contemporary world, where the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi resonate with the spirit of today.


Your words: "An amazing chance to explore nature in a delightful way!" Our response: "NATURALEZA’24", brought to you by the Eco Club Of Lady Irwin College.

On April 4th, 2024, LOVE ALL KINDS will host a screening of MAA KA DOODH.
Directed by HARSHA ATMAKURI, this award-winning film exposes India’s Dairy Farming intricacies.
Experience the chilling portrayal of the dairy industry's darkest corners.
Join us at the RMDA Department from 10:30 am onwards. Registration is mandatory via the bio link. Vegan refreshments provided.

Experience thrilling competitions presented by NATURALEZA’24, all centered around the theme of Recycling Renaissance.

Bottles Bloom
Bottles Bloom, quintessence
Bottles Bloom
Participants must bring their own bottles and related materials; soil will be provided.
Additionally, participants are responsible for bringing their own stationary supplies.
Prizes for the winners include cash rewards and exciting gift hampers.
Winning entries will be featured on the official Instagram handle (@lic.ecoclub).
Electrifying Upcycle
Electrifying Upcycle, quintessence
Electrifying Upcycle
Participants must bring their own electronic waste and related materials for upcycling.
Additionally, participants are required to bring their own stationary materials.
The competition is open to all, with exciting prizes for the winners, including cash rewards and gift hampers.


Join us for a journey of service and celebration with the NSS Unit of Lady Irwin College as we introduce 'UDGAM', our exciting cultural fest.

Enigma Expedition
Enigma Expedition, quintessence
Enigma Expedition
The game consists of two rounds: the Fun Task Round and the Riddle Solving Round.
Rules include participation in teams of 2 to 4 people, with cross-college teams allowed.
Registration requires a fee of Rs 20/- per person, on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Participants must carry ID proof, and any team found using unfair means will be disqualified instantly.
Deciphering Deception
Deciphering Deception, quintessence
Deciphering Deception
Participants can form teams of 2 individuals each. Cross-college teams are permitted.
Registration entails a fee of Rs 20/- per team.
Teams must adhere to time limits, provide clear reasoning, use credible sources, and avoid cheating to avoid disqualification.
Only qualifying teams from Round 1 can proceed to Round 2.
Media Mirage
Media Mirage, quintessence
Media Mirage
The quiz theme is "Media Mirage: Navigating Narratives."
It consists of 3 rounds and allows participation in teams of 2 only.
Cross-college teams are permitted with a registration fee of Rs 50/- per team.
Registration operates on a first-come, first-serve basis and participants must carry ID proof.


'अkaar - The Streetplay Society of Lady Irwin College' is thrilled to announce its Annual Streetplay Event, YATHARTH’24.

Prepare yourselves for a fun-filled streetplay extravaganza that promises to bring joy and enlightenment to all!

6.  Lexicon’24

Eternal Phrases, the Literary Society of Lady Irwin College, is thrilled to announce the arrival of our Creative Writing Competition, "IN A NUTSHELL," under Lexicon’24.

 Lexicon’24, quintessence
Participants will watch a video clip displaying characters and emotions, then write a creative piece on any two emotions within 45 minutes.
The registration fee per participant is Rs. 50, with prizes and gift hampers worth 5k for all winners.

7. Vyam & नृत्य SANGAM

Get excited for Nrityanjali's biggest event - Vyam, the group dance competition! And guess what? We're also bringing you "नृत्य SANGAM" - our first-ever solo classical dance competition.

So, grab your dancing shoes, feel the groove, and get ready to show off your moves! See you at VYAM’24 and "नृत्य SANGAM"!

Vyam & नृत्य SANGAM, quintessence
Vyam & नृत्य SANGAM

8. Rhythaar

Get set for an unforgettable evening filled with soul-stirring symphonies and electrifying beats as Dhwani- The Music Society brings you Rhythaar’24- The Annual Music Fest!

9. प्रdarshani'24

TULIKA - The Fine Arts Society of Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi, proudly presents its Annual Inter-College Art Exhibition, "प्रdarshani'24".

Art societies must submit their best artworks in PDF format.
Submission deadline: 30th March 2024.
Only team participation allowed, no individual entries accepted.
A maximum of 10 artworks can be included in the PDF.
Top 8 entries will be selected for exhibition in college.
Selected societies will receive detailed instructions via email and WhatsApp.
Judges' decision is final; participation certificates provided to all. Winners receive exciting gifts and cash prizes.

It doesn't end here. Apart from it's glorious exhibition, TULIKA also brings to you four exciting competition. These are:

Palette On A Platter- A Coaster Painting Competition
Brushed Horizons- Big Canvas Painting Competition
Live Sketching- Sketching Competition
Time Travel- A Painting Competition

Artist Reveal

Mark your calendars as an electrifying DJ night with the renowned "DJ SWATTREX" awaits on April 4th, 2024. Following that, prepare to be mesmerized by the sensational performance of "ADITYA RIKHARI" on April 5th, 2024. Get ready to groove to pulsating beats and sensational tunes as two incredible nights of music and entertainment are brought to you!

Artist Reveal, quintessence
Artist Reveal

Who Can Enter?

For outsiders, entry is exclusively through passes, while Irwinites require their college IDs. Stay tuned to their Instagram for registration updates and the link. Keep an eye out for announcements to secure your spot at the event.


In conclusion, Quintessence'24 promises an unparalleled fusion of culture and creativity, with captivating performances, thrilling competitions, and mesmerizing displays of artistry. From soulful melodies to vibrant streetplays, this event celebrates the essence of Lady Irwin College's diverse talents. Don't miss out on the excitement of Quintessence'24!

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