Everything You Need To Know About Shivaji College, DU

Everything You Need To Know About Shivaji College, DU
Everything You Need To Know About Shivaji College, DU


Shivaji College is a premier institution in West Delhi that has been awarded a grade โ€˜Aโ€™ by NAAC. In a study conducted by India Today in 2024, it was ranked as one of the top ten science colleges in the country. The Delhi government administers Shivaji College.

Honโ€™ble Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh, Union Minister for Agriculture and a well-known social activist and farmer-leader, founded it in 1961. In the predominantly rural area of Matiala, his aim was to provide higher education for boys and girls. In 1967, Delhi took over the trusteeship of Shivaji College and relocated it to Parampara.

Why Shivaji College?

Shivaji College, which spans a 10-acre campus, is known for its herbal garden, lush green lawns, and large playgrounds. To reduce the carbon footprint on the campus, the college has adopted various environmentally friendly measures, such as no plastic usage, restricted smoking zones, and extensive tree planting. The college also has a bank, hospital, cafeteria, etc. To make the campus eco-friendly, the college uses solar panels, water harvesting pits, and paper recycling units rather than using non-renewable materials.

Shivaji College, University of Delhi ยท Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Shivaji Enclave, Raja Garden, New Delhi, Delhi, 110027, India
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Shivaji College Location

Courses Offered

The college offers twenty undergraduate courses in science, technology, and humanities, a self-financing course in business economics, three post-graduate courses, and an add-on course in German.

Several senior faculty members supervise Ph.D. students who are registered with the University of Delhi, while others are involved in UGC-sponsored major and minor research projects. Some students of the college are often recognized as rank-holders in the university examinations, and many are accepted for internships in prestigious organizations every year.

Vibe Check At Shivaji College

The campus, spread over ten acres of land, includes a sports field, a residential complex for students, and the academic and administrative areas of the college. The college offers a wide range of facilities such as a photocopier, ATM, health-care facilities, cafeteria, and snack counters. Despite being located in the most thriving part of the city, Shivaji College's campus is also very verdant with tall trees, lush green lawns, and pruned hedges. The collegeโ€™s herbal garden is a point of pride.

Vibe Check At Shivaji College
Vibe Check At Shivaji College

Location and Facilities

Shivaji College is ideally located for students who want to commute from different parts of the National Capital Area thanks to two metro stations in close proximity to the college and a reliable bus service. There are other facilities available, such as a general hospital, bazars, banks, post offices, etc., in the immediate vicinity.


The library at Shivaji College is a three-story treasure chest full of insightful books. It provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere that allows students to study, do research, and tackle last-minute tasks. It's more than just a reading spot; it's where the magic of learning happens. The library offers access to a slew of resources that aid in research and learning with diverse materials, making studying a fun experience with books as your sidekick, exposing concepts.

shivaji college
Shivaji College

NIRF Ranking and Placement Opportunities

Shivaji College is ranked 70th by NIRF in 2023. According to the NIRF report for Shivaji College Placements 2022, a total of 85 UG students were placed with a median package of INR 4 LPA.


Shivaji College has many societies, like SPICMACAY, which promotes Indian classical music and culture among youth, inculcating the essence of our heritage and keeping students connected to their roots.

Virasat, one of the major cultural festivals of SPIC MACAY, celebrates a diverse blend of all aspects of Indian cultural heritage. It is a non-profit youth movement that promotes traditional Indian values and raises awareness of Indian cultural traditions and heritage by organizing various events such as Indian classical dance, classical music, folk arts, crafts, etc.

The Literary Society works with and selects books for the college library, also hosting an annual literary fest. Throughout the semester, a variety of activities are offered, including poetry writing, essay writing, recitations, lectures, and literary discussions. The society encourages reading comprehension and inquiry in students, aiming to foster critical thinking.


The vibe of Shivaji College is full of greenery and wonder, where everyone enjoys every moment of life. The greenery of the college gives off a positive vibe, and whenever we feel low, we go to the lawn and just sit and enjoy the environment. The professors of the college are very helpful and always there for students whenever they need help.

The college has many facilities and greenery, and exploring the college is wonderful. The college societies also give us wonderful opportunities to attend events and explore different fields. Imagine yourself under the shade of tall trees, the perfect spot to unwind and connect with nature.

Places To Hangout Near Shivaji College

There are many places near Shivaji College, such as cafes like Starbucks, Junkyard Cafe, Metro Cafe, etc., and other places like Western Side Mall for shopping, where students can spend quality time with friends.

Places To Hangout Near Shivaji College
Places To Hangout Near Shivaji College

The Sanjay Gandhi Animal Center is a place where students can learn about animals and their lives. The Mystery Room is perfect for teams to face common challenges and bond over puzzles and clues, offering tailor-made experiences for groups to have a unique adventure.


And the faculty? Exceptional! Future professors who are MVPs are given high priority by Shivaji College. In addition, no one can compete with its campus and facilities. To escape the monotony of regular classes and exhausting lectures, nearby parties can be relied on. Its appeal lies in its short and fast commute.

It's not just about classes; it's a journey of new acquaintances, food explorations, and even the now-traditional lecture daydream. Shivaji College isn't just a college; it's also a positive center. What if there was a place where learning is like giving someone else a high-five and the shops are buzzing with positive vibes? Books aren't the only thing here; it's an attitude that says, "Yo! Let us smash this blasted academic journey!"

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