Survivor Guide: Top Study Tips to Stay Ahead!📚

Survivor Guide: Top Study Tips
Survivor Guide: Top Study Tips

‌Let me give you all a surge in your heart. I want to make you all remember that examinations are just around the corner, so how are your studies going? I don't mean to give you all a nightmare; here the Apna Adda is standing with you to share the Survivor Guide: Top Study Tips, which will fetch you decent marks, and you all will surely pass your examinations with flying colors.


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Syllabus and PYQs

Essentials Of College Exams

The college examination requires two things: the syllabus and the previous year's question papers. You should be well-versed in your syllabus; this makes you more confident, saves time, and makes you crystal clear about what to learn and what to leave.

Coming to the previous year question papers, these are important in the sense that they will guide you, give you a glimpse into the kind of questions that will be coming in your exams. A previous year question paper is required at the last stage, just go through it and then pick one question paper, solve it, and analyze it. This will help you manage your time, improve your answer-writing skills, and keep your brain sharp for those 3 hours.

Read, Write & Learn

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Read, Write and Learn

The most important thing, or the basic step, is to read, write, and learn. At this moment, when I say this, it means the first step is to read. Read from whatever sources you are getting, the books recommended by your professors, and the notes they are providing you with. Mark all the important points when you are reading it for the first time.

The second step is to write. Write and note down all the marked points in a crisp and explicit manner.

Here comes the final step, i.e., to learn. The crisp captions that you have written just learn them. And yeah, you are good to go.


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‌When we talk about the schedule, time table or planner it makes us feel like it's a hectic work. So let me draft one for you.

From Monday to Friday, take 1 topic of any unit from a subject and finish it with the reading and writing part. On Saturday day you just need to get a glimpse of whatever you have done from Monday to Friday from your notes copy.  This is way easy when you start following and it hardly takes 2 hours a day to complete, leaving you with ample amount of time to enjoy college life.

Sunday is a day for enjoyment so take it as a bare day. Address this day with whatever pleases you, whether it be a movie night, cooking, playing guitar, or just relaxing with your favorite playlist.

Keeping up with this time table will surely make your study process exciting and entertaining. This line is needed - 'whenever you are studying please focus there and whenever you are luxuriating focus here.'

What To Do On Low Days

There are days when you feel exhausted or your energy level is low. At this point of time you want take a break ergo simply go ahead.

  • Engage in gossips with your parents
  • Cheer yourself  up and chill out with friends
  • Visit with people whom you trust, surround yourself with positive aura people
  • Visit places that mesmerize your heart
  • And at last say yourself - you are the best and you will do it

Zero Hour Studying

This is a thing that we all take pleasure in and of course it's our college life so a little bit of risk is required. Nevertheless, let's get started!

  • Be aware of the weight of each and every topic as to prioritize yourself on vital topics only.
  • Use the Pomodoro Technique i.e. study in regular break like for every 25 minutes of study take 5 mins break and for every 4 consecutive sessions take 30 mins break.
  • Review summaries and notes and use mnemonics to learn heavy and hard theory. Flash cards are also good to go.
  • Give all your practicals and viva, as they are pivotal for boosting your marks.
  • For additional courses check out the YouTube videos, they're really helpful and make you ready for your exams in just 2 to 3 hours or, say, just the night before your exams. I'm tagging all the best channels; check it out.
SEC-VAC Videos

Important Reminders

The things to keep in mind in your exams days are:


  • Eat healthy and stay hydrated
  • Ensure you get 7 hours of sleep
  • Relax and meditate or you can listen to subliminal
  • Stay calm, composed and positive
  • Judiciously use your time
  • Have a moderate amount of coffee or tea


  • Restrain yourself in late night studying, on the day before examination
  • Don't hang out with negative people
  • Avoid using gadgets too often
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Meditation, Healthy Diet, Hydration

Things To Do At Examination Centre

  • Reach early and get yourself notified about your seat
  • Carry all your essentials: - Admit Card, ID card and Stationary
  • Read the instructions and the question paper properly
  • Don't panic or hesitate and keep an eye on  the watch
  • Finish the paper 15 minutes before and then revise your answer sheet

Answer Writing

  • Write answers in bullets, attaching it with captions
  • Highlight the crucial points and keywords
  • Beautiful and clean handwriting is preferable
  • Include a lot of diagrams, flow charts and statistical data
  • Leave an ample amount of space between the ending and the beginning of two consecutive questions.

Post Examination

'Post Examination or After Examination'—These words give fulfillment to my heart and I infer that reading this heading makes you smile and relieves you from all sorts of pressure and pain. Now life seems fun and  awesome.

Now you are free to do whatever you like. These semester breaks are the much awaited invitees of our lives. Enjoy this time and capture enormous memories. Indulge in summer vacations, go back to your school days, and yeah, explore the new occasions as well.

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All The Best

These Top Study Tips will get you a long way. At last, I want to wish you luck,  I am sure that you will get good marks in your examinations. All the best, rock the paper, have the courage and confidence, tranquility is the key. I just want to add that you all will do it as you are the best.

For more exciting and interesting college updates, stay tuned to Apna Adda!