Tryst' 24: Brought To You By IIT Delhi

Tryst' 24: IIT Delhi
Tryst' 24: IIT Delhi

Hold your breath, people, because the grandest and most spectacular phenomenon of the fest spectrum is here! Nothing (and I mean nothing) will or has ever topped this! The event will be nothing short of glamorous, and here’s the watered-down version of everything you need to know!

Presenting Tryst'24

TRYST, the vibrant fest hosted by the spirited student body of IIT Delhi, is regarded as North India's grandest celebration of science, technology, and management. It is a captivating phenomenon, complete with inspiring talks by well known and highly respected speakers, workshops with hands-on learning activities, and competitive departmental activities.

Amidst the exhilarating atmosphere, immerse yourself in thrilling competitions and be enchanted by the sweetest fusion of technology and culture during mesmerizing techno-cultural nights. You’ll get a chance to experience a techno-dream alongside some of the most revered people you’ve heard of!

When Is It?

29th March, 2024 (Friday)
30th March, 2024 (Saturday)
31st March, 2024 (Sunday)

Where Is It?

The fest will be held on the esteemed premises of IIT Delhi. When you're heading to IIT Delhi, your starting point is the Hauz Khas Metro Station (Yellow Line), roughly 2.5 km away from the campus.

Once you're at Hauz Khas, you have a couple of options: you can hop on the Magenta Line to reach IIT Delhi Metro Station, or if you prefer, grab an auto rickshaw to take you directly to the Main Building of IIT Delhi.

Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) · IIT Delhi Main Rd, IIT Campus, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India
★★★★★ · Technical university

Know All The Events

1. Coding Events at Tryst'24

In TRYST 24's coding events, anticipate an immersive experience filled with diverse challenges. Whether you're a coding novice or an experienced programmer, there's something for everyone.

Engage in dynamic problem-solving scenarios, where innovation thrives and creativity flourishes. Moreover, connect with fellow enthusiasts, mentors, and industry professionals, fostering valuable networks and insights.

Crypto Tradewars: Crypto Trading Leaderboard Platform.
Blockchain Hackathon: Blockchain-based problem solving.
Speedathon: How fast can you code?
CodeMod: Problem solving meets Coding
Code Hunt: A quest of Coding
Innov8: The Eightfold Challenge: 48-hour Eightfold problem-solving challenge
ICPC-DE-TRYST: ICPC-Style Coding Challenges
Imagen AI: Prompt Engineering Contest
FetchAI Hackathon: Create something unique with AI Agent tech
Hack-4-Purpose: A coding hackathon
Intel AI Hackathon: Code for Societal betterment
RoboWars: Robot Battle Competition Extravaganza
Girl Hackathon: For all the special female coders
Digital Enigma: Flaunt your digital prowess
SynthAlse: AI/ML Bioinformatics Workshop
Hover Hurdle: Gripper Bot Creation Challenge
RoboSoccer: Exciting RoboSoccer Competition Extravaganza

2. Technical Events at Tryst'24

At Tryst 24, anticipate a dynamic technical fest bursting with innovation. Engage in workshops, competitions, and challenges spanning various fields of technology. Interact with industry experts, showcase your skills, and seize opportunities for learning and networking. Get ready for a memorable and enriching experience at IIT Delhi.

Akashyaan Pratispardha: Rocket designing and maneuvering Workshop
Adobe Designathon: Design and solve with Adobe!
The Weave Puzzle: A game of creativity and dexterity
Reconstructing Realities: Find solutions to real life structural shortcomings
Ideate for Space: Innovate, Compete, Triumph
Biscuits: Build And Design Circuits
Goldberg Machine Making: Work with chain reactions to complete tasks
Bio Artist: Create a masterpeice in a petri-dish
GenoQuest: Genetic Challenge: Solve, Innovate!
Drone Racing: FPV Drone Racing
Encoding the Snippets: Decode, Collect, Submit: Quest

3. Managerial Events at Tryst'24

At Tryst 24's managerial events, expect a dynamic blend of strategic thinking, innovative problem-solving, and leadership development. Engage in stimulating case studies, immersive simulations, and interactive workshops led by industry experts.

Sharpen your analytical skills, hone your decision-making abilities, and expand your network through engaging discussions and networking sessions. Explore emerging trends in business, finance, and entrepreneurship while gaining valuable insights from seasoned professionals.

Supply Mania: A Supply Chain Case Contest
Venturethon: Launch unique startup dream with
Dalal Street: A Market simulation competition
Casecation 4.0: Embark on this simulation of real-world problems; find solutions and be victorious
Acquire & Ascend: Mergers & Acquisitions Simulation
Smart City Innovation: Future-Focused Smart City Challenge
Bluffs and Bargains: A negotiation Tournament
Market Magnet: Target Market Competition
FinFiesta: Finance Case Study Competition
Diplostrat: Public Policy Competition
Startup Expo: Innovation and Collaboration
Startup Auction: Tryst IIT Delhi's Startup Auction

4. Gaming Events at Tryst'24

At Tryst 24's gaming events, expect an immersive and thrilling experience that caters to all gaming enthusiasts. Dive into a diverse range of competitive and casual games, from esports tournaments to tabletop gaming sessions.

Engage in adrenaline-pumping battles, strategic showdowns, and cooperative adventures. Compete against top players, discover new titles, and forge lasting connections with fellow gamers.

Brawlhalla: An exciting Mobile tournament
Lingo-de-Tryst: The ultimate test of computational linguistics skills
DaVinci Curves: Prepare art utilizing mathematical equations
Trap-ezoid: Escape room meets mathematics
Decipher-D-Cipher: Test your cryptography skills
Stratazenith 2.0: Strategic Mastery Unleashed
FIFA Supreme Team: Football Fantasy Auction Managerial Challenge
Valorant: Ultimate Esports Showdown
Beyond the Seen: A SciBizTech Quiz
ExtraterreSTORYal: Sci-Fi creative writing event
Jenga Joust: Build the Jenga Way
Tryst Chess Championship: Strategic Brilliance, Competition

5. Exhibitions at Tryst'24

IUAC Exhibition

Explore cutting-edge models and displays showcasing accelerator-based research breakthroughs! From AMS/Geochronology to accelerator models and VME control modules, witness the future of scientific innovation up close. Discover everything from current integrators to nuclear instrumentation, and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of research excellence with IUAC and Tryst, IIT Delhi!

IUAC Exhibition, iitd
IUAC Exhibition
ISRO Exhibition

Experience India's remarkable strides in space exploration, from PSLV to GSLV, LVM3, SSLV, HRLV, and Satellites. Delve into Earth observation, communication, and navigation advancements up close.

Embark on a cosmic journey with ISRO and Tryst, IIT Delhi, from satellite launches to lunar exploration. Don't miss this unforgettable space exploration opportunity!

ISRO Exhibition, tryst24
ISRO Exhibition

Know The Speakers

The speakers that are set to come on Tryst'24 will leave you baffled. With personalities like Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and Carl Pei (Co-Founder
OnePlus), IIT Delhi has set the bar up so high.

Other esteemed speakers include- Samar Singla, Dr. Tanu Jain, Dr. Vijendra Chauhan Nitya Sharma, Amit Jain, Abhi and Niyu. Get inspired by their insights on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from industry leaders and visionaries. Get ready for enlightening talks and engaging discussions at Tryst 24, the ultimate platform for inspiration and knowledge exchange.

Who Can Enter?

While there is no official announcement disclosed by the office bearers on who is allowed and how to enter Tryst'24. There are speculations pointing to the permissible entry of other college students as well. However, I'd advise you to regularly check their official instagram page for timely updates!


Tryst 24 promises to be an unforgettable journey through the realms of science, technology, management, and gaming. With a plethora of events ranging from coding challenges and robotics competitions to managerial simulations and gaming tournaments, there's something for everyone to explore and engage with.

Participants can expect to be inspired by esteemed speakers, dazzled by cutting-edge exhibitions, and challenged by innovative workshops. It's not just a festival; it's an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals. Join us at Tryst 24 for an enriching experience where creativity thrives, knowledge flourishes, and memories are made to last a lifetime.

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