DTU Annual TechFest: INVICTUS-2024

Invictus- DTU's Annual TechFest
Invictus- DTU's Annual TechFest 

We welcome you all to the annual tech fest, where innovation blends with education and excitement! Get ready to get your mind blown with exciting and fun innovations and inventions!


Don't have a date for Valentine's week? Well, that can be sad… How about giving a chance to DTU, where you can fall in love with various mind blowing, excitement-filled innovations at one of the best tech festivals in town? At the INVICTUS-2024!!


Get ready to be thrilled with the one of the most exciting techfest in India with exciting events, games, workshops and more at Delhi Technological University! The dynamic platform will help you dive into cutting-edge technologies and interactive sessions with world-class geniuses!!

Join us in exploring the latest advancements in technology, encouraging teamwork among brilliant minds, and unlocking the potential of tomorrow's leaders. Step into a world where innovation meets education, and let's embark on a journey of discovery together!

Save The Dates

10th February 2024, Saturday.
11th February 2024, Sunday.
12th February 2024, Monday.

Note The Venue

Wanna know where all the fun’s happening? The venue for the most awaited INVICTUS-2024 is the campus of Delhi Technological University itself.

The nearest metro stations are:

·    Samaypur Badli (Yellow line)

·    Rithala (Red line)

Samaypur Badli is the preferred option as one can easily get an e-rickshaw from there. From Rithala, you might have to opt for a bus.

What Awaits You?

Might be wondering what awaits your presence at the .fest?

Invictus being the annual technical fest of DTU, has many exciting competitions. Information about few of them, date wise are as follows:

10th February 2024


The Lockout tournament would span over about 3 hours. It will be a 1v1 knockout tournament i.e. if someone loses a single match, they will be out of the tournament. In the first round, 32 matches will be played (taking a strength of 64) and 32 participants will proceed to the next round. After 5 rounds, we will get the winner of the tournament. It will be an offline event in which the participants would be required to bring their laptops and join a discord server(and VC) to participate in the tournament.



Step into the world of Pure Mathematics and put your maths skills to the test!

With Matheletics, presented by MACS DTU, you’ll embark on a thrilling mathematical journey that will put your brain to the test.

2-round quiz in which 3 parallel games will be going with 10 teams in different classrooms. Each game will have 15 questions, 10 questions of easy-medium level to be answered in 2 minutes, and 5 questions of hard level to be answered in 3 minutes. Each team must download EzBuzzer, the platform to monitor the answer timings.



An intriguing Physics and Astronomy quiz where participants will be asked several interesting questions based on astronomy and related disciplines. The quiz will have two rounds and will comprise several objective and short answer-type questions. The latter round will be a visual round.

Decrypt the secret codes of the universe with The Demystification: Physics and Astronomy quiz. The quiz is to familiarize you with basic concepts in astronomical sciences. The format of questions will be in MCQ, one word, single line, and image identifying.

The Demystification Quiz


Embark on a thrilling journey through the world of automobiles with our  Automotive Odyssey Quiz. Test your knowledge on iconic car manufacturers, cutting-edge technologies, and the evolution of the automotive industry.

The quiz consists of 25 engaging questions, covering a diverse range of topics from assembly line innovations to electric vehicle charging networks. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their expertise in automotive history, manufacturing processes, and industry terminology.

The event will be conducted in a competitive format, with participants vying for the title of Automotive Aficionado. Join us for an evening of fun, learning, and friendly competition as we celebrate the fascinating realm of automobiles.

Automotive Odyssey Quiz

Other competitions happening on the same day are as follows:

·       CAD Battle

·       Promtify

·       LabRats Quiz 2.0

·       TechLoop

·       ERROR 404

11th February 2024


Creative Canvas is a creative 2-3 hour design competition that challenges participants to showcase their artistic flair by transforming a set of provided images into unique and imaginative designs. Participants will have the opportunity to unleash their creativity, demonstrate their design skills, and compete for the title of the most creative designer.

Creative Canvas


Distinguished guests, comprising renowned researchers and industrialists, will be invited to a panel discussion designed to enlighten participants on the growing domains of biotechnology and bioinformatics.

This event offers a unique opportunity for knowledge expansion and engagement with influential figures in the realm of biotechnology and bioinformatics to acquire valuable insights from experts and explore the latest trends shaping the future of these fields.

BioInsight Forum


“CryptAI: Navigating the Machine Learning Enigma – an electrifying Cryptic Hunt beckoning participants to embark on an exhilarating journey through the intricacies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Prepare yourself for a cryptic odyssey like no other, where each level serves as a portal to a distinct domain of AI. CryptAI is crafted not just as a competition but as a dynamic learning experience, offering challenges that mirror real-world predicaments encountered in the practitioner or an inquisitive beginner, CryptAI promises an engaging and educational escapade that pushes the boundaries of your understanding.

As you progress through the levels, immerse yourself in the nuances of AI, traversing diverse landscapes such as python libraries, NLP, Image processing , and more. Unlock the mysteries of machine intelligence as you decipher clues, tackle problems, and master the intricacies of AI. Prepare for a mentally stimulating adventure, where your problem-solving prowess will be put to the test in real-time.



A game of jenga with a mathematical twist! The participants face off in a standoff to not be eliminated.

Jenga Snag

Other competitions happening on the same day are as follows:

·       Reverse Engineering

·       Grand Nashify Tournament

·       Robo War

·       Robo Race

·       Quidditch

·       Financial Cricket

·       Anime Decoder


·       DeCyber

·       Mock Stocks

·       Intellectra:- The Sci-Biz-Tech Quiz

·       Paper plane Flying

·       Glider Making

·       SKOAR – Valorant

·       Trivium:- The General Quiz

·       CaseQuest Challenge

·       Bridge-O-Mania

·       Cosplay

·       ILUX

·       Pitchfork

·       Guessapalooza

12th February 2024

1. LFR

The Line Following Robot (LFR) competition is an event where autonomous robots navigate a complex track marked with a distinct line. Participants design robots that use sensors and programming to follow the line accurately and swiftly. This event tests precision engineering and algorithm efficiency, attracting robotics enthusiasts and students.

No. of rounds: 1

Mode of conduct: Offline



Robo Soccer is an exhilarating event where teams build autonomous robots to play soccer. These robots, equipped with advanced sensors and AI, compete in matches on a miniature field. It's a showcase of innovation, blending robotics with sports, and attracts tech enthusiasts and students worldwide.

Robo Soccer


Bored of attending the same old hackathons? To spice things up a bit, we introduce a research hackathon! Teams of 2-3 students will be selected based on rigorous prelims, which will include physics quizzes and other qualifiers. They will be either given a choice to pick their field of interest or to solve the given research question.

The teams will be set on a 30-hour time bomb to solve a problem based on the field they picked. At the end of those intellectually challenging hours, they'll present their work in front of a panel of eminent professors or Ph.D. scholars from the department of physics.

Research Hackathon

Other competitions happening on the same day are as follows:

·       BioTech Venture Pitch Challenge

·       Code Script 2.0

·       Pressure Pulse

·       Launch Craft

·       Sketch it

·       Seismic

·       Tazer Hunt CTF

·       Desmos Dali

·       Chess Warfare

·       Kaun Banega Chempati

·       Bits

·       GCC

·       Bulls and Bears

Further Details

Still, Wondering?!

Well, still in thoughts?! What's stopping you now? With 60+ events and 20k+ visitors the previous year, this year INVICTUS-2024 expects to attract more crowd.

Come and join us at one of the biggest technical fests, and grab the opportunity to witness the leaders of tomorrow showcasing their captivating innovations and research.

February is the month of love- so come and fall in love with intriguing technology and dynamic scientific world at your one and only, The INVICTUS-2024!!

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