Everything You Need To Know About Maitreyi College, DU

Maitreyi college, du
Maitreyi College

If you are reading this article, you are probably preparing for the exclusive Delhi University experience or are already a proud part of the vast DU community. Either way, you've reached the right destination. Let us take you deep into the kaleidoscope of college life and find out everything you need to know about Maitreyi College!

Life At Delhi University

Welcome to the land of dreams, where ambitions blossom and college friends turn into lifetime buddies—Delhi University! Known for academic excellence and leadership, its super popular community, and, of course, its reputation,. Delhi University is a place where talent, ideas, and knowledge come together. From the iconic North Campus to the fun-filled South Campus, every corner of DU has a story to tell. It is more than a university; it is a way of life.

Entering DU is like entering a whole new world where you excel academically and the way to top post graduation college as well as super lucrative jobs is paved. It is a world where you make bonds that last a lifetime and make memories that you'll always treasure.

Delhi University, du
Delhi University

About Maitreyi College

Now let's get to the heart of the story: Maitreyi College, DU! Located in the welcoming environment of South Campus, Maitreyi College stands tall as a testament to academic excellence and inspiring students. Located in Chanakyapuri, this college offers a peaceful escape from city life while being closely connected to the beating heart of Delhi.

Maitreyi College University Of Delhi · Jesus And Mary Marg, Bapu dham, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India
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Maitreyi College, a subsidiary college of the University of Delhi and an eminent institution of higher education, was established in 1967. Named after the renowned Vedic scholar Maitreyi, wife of the sage Yajnavalakya , the college has undertaken a glorious journey of evolution in its five decades and onwards, with numerous achievements in academics, research, cultural engagement, and community engagement under its name.

NIRF Ranking

The college is proud to earn an A++ grade in its second cycle of NAAC accreditation, and it also carries the distinction of Star College for its Science Departments, conferred by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. It is among the top 6 colleges at the University of Delhi to have received this title. For the current year, the college has an all-India NIRF rank of 36.

Maitreyi College Campus
Maitreyi College Campus

Courses Offered

The college offers multiple courses in Science, Commerce and Humanities offered by University of Delhi and also provides the students with a wide number of options for papers under VAC and SEC that are studied under the UGCF 2022. Maitreyi has it all, from people to business, from science to art! The college offers various courses, which are available on their official website. The college has an excellent faculty that not only enlightens but also motivates and guides students.

Vibe Check At Maitreyi College


Maitreyi College Library is a place for those who seek solace in the company of books. The library here is home to a large collection of educational materials, both fiction and non-fiction. This is where the magic happens. The tranquility here makes it a good place for education and research.

Infrastructure And Facilities

The college has a well-developed and state-of-the-art infrastructure and laboratories. The college library has one of the largest collections of resources amongst the colleges of University of Delhi. There is a girls hostel that has an accommodation capacity for over 100 outstation students.

The college has an Enabling Unit (EU) that works for the welfare and support of Divyangajan (persons with disabilities). The cultural and academic societies of the college are well known throughout University of Delhi and beyond, with students participating in and winning numerous international, national, and state-level competitions and events.

Maitreyi College is a part of the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, a MHRD initiative where our students and faculty actively contribute towards collaborative and transformational changes in rural India. They are also proud to be a part of the Ek Bharat-Shresht Bharat initiative, which celebrates cultural diversity. The college has a distinguished sports department.

They have illustrious students who have brought laurels to the college in various sports at international, national, and state-level competitions and events. The college has established the Sashakta Nodal Sports Center. The college has also collaborated with Special Olympic Bharat, Delhi, to hold fitness training camps for athletes with disabilities on the college premises. The Pragati Sports Centre of the college enables women from across the country to undertake practice in netball.

Fests at Maitreyi College


The college offers a great atmosphere and makes every student feel at home. The bright colours on the walls and the sounds of laughter in the corridor create a good environment for learning and relaxing. The college is located in Chanakyapuri and is surrounded by political and historical areas.

The quiet location provides an excellent base for academic studies while also providing students with the opportunity to explore Delhi's rich heritage. Now let's reveal the interesting side of Maitreyi College! Have you heard of the annual "Maitreyi Manthan" festival? This is not just a festival; it is an event that brings together students from all walks of life. With its famous performances, exciting competitions, and delicious food, Manthan is a celebration of the spirit of Maitreyi.

Places to Hangout Near Maitreyi College

You need caffeine after a long day of work, right? For a delicious coffee or chai tea, head to "The Brew Room" or "Chaayos" near Dhaula Kuan and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere. These cafes are the perfect place to hang out with friends or lose yourself in your favourite book.

For the shopaholics among you, Dilli Haat at INA Market is just a stone's throw away from Maitreyi College. Discover beautiful handicrafts, enjoy street food, and immerse yourself in the cultural experience that Dilli Haat has to offer. Looking for a place to relax and dance the night away? Say no more. "Blue Bar" and "PCO Bar" in Chanakyapuri are popular meeting places for students who want to relax and enjoy the night.

How To Reach Maitreyi College?

After a day of classes, meetings, and maybe checking out the library, you might want to hop on the Delhi Metro to explore the city a bit. The nearest station is Dhaula Kuan metro station. You can cycle or walk (for fitness enthusiasts) from Maitreyi College to Dhaula Kuan metro station.

Dhaula Kuan Metro Station, maitreyi college du
Dhaula Kuan Metro Station


In conclusion, the Maitreyi College experience is like catching a rainbow; diverse, powerful, and possible. From meticulous studies to cultural events, Maitreyi offers a journey that appeals not only to your business but also to your personality. School becomes your second home, and the friends you make become your family. So embrace the spirit of Maitreyi, enjoy your time at university, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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