Institute of Home Economics' Fest - FERIA'24

Feria'24, IHE

FERIA is the annual cultural fest of the Institute of Home Economics organized by the Student's Union and the Institute's Cultural Committee. The event is held every February.


The Student’s Union 2023-24 and the Cultural Committee of the Institute of Home Economics will be organizing FERIA’24, a two-day extravaganza dedicated to the spirit, light and emotion of expression. The theme for this FERIA'24 is Euphoria.

It’s aimed at providing a wondrous experience with a lively vibe. The event is an exciting and vibrant celebration of expression and creativity.

As the countdown begins, you are invited to join in this nostalgic journey to reignite excitement and prepare for the upcoming extravaganza. 🎪🥁

The event promises to be a wonderful opportunity to create fantastic memories together.


So, Get Ready to Relive the Magic! ✨

Save the Dates                                      

7th February, 2024 - Wednesday
8th February, 2024 - Thursday

Venue for FERIA'24

The fest will be held in the premises of the Institute of Home Economics.

The Institute of Home Economics (IHE) is a girls’ college, affiliated with the University of Delhi located in Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Marg, F-4, Hauz Khas Enclave, Hauz Khas, New Delhi.

The nearest metro station to IHE is Hauz Khas metro station which is on the yellow line of Delhi Metro.

Institute of Home Economics

Who All Can Enter?

Feria'24 is open to Institute of Home Economics students and all participants in the upcoming events and competitions held during the event.

How to Enter?

To enter Feria'24, you need both your College ID and Feria'24 Passes. Last year, entry relied solely on College IDs, but this year both are required.

Events and Competitions

Although FERIA is only for two days, it is packed with an amazing amount of events and competitions, make sure to check each and every one out.

Feria Events 2024

The DAY 1 (7th February 2024) event is:

Rap Battle 2.0:

Timings: 3 PM onwards

Venue: Main Stage

Rap Battle competition is underway if you are a rapper or just started, this is the place to showcase your talent. Choose any topic to rap, use Hindi or English language and compete with other rappers.

Rap Event
Rap Battle

The events list for the Day 2 (8th February 2024) of FERIA :

Poise - The Fashion Society presents:

CRISCO 2.0 - Inter-college Fashion Show :

Timings: After 12 PM

Venue: Main Stage

A fashion show event where fashion societies will perform a fashion show on social issues as the theme. Make sure to check this out as when fashion and talent combine nothing can stop the Wow's.

Fashion Show
CRISCO - Fashion Show 
Eleganza - The Western Dance Society presents:

Step Up - Inter-college Western Dance :

Timings: After 4 PM

Venue: Main Stage

This is where the teams showcase their creativity and uniqueness through dance. Dance fandom is everywhere so why not join in.

Step Up'23 - Western Dance
Step Up - Western Dance

Mr. and Ms. Feria 2024:

Timings: 5:30 PM onwards

Venue: Basketball Court

A place where every college student will get a chance to highlight their talent and take back home the prestigious title.

Ms. Feria
Ms. Feria 2023

Feria Competitions 2024

First in line for our DAY 1 (7th February 2024) competitions are:

Tarkaas - The Indian Music Society presents:

SWARANG- Group singing competition:

Timings: 9:30 A.M. onwards

Venue: Main Stage, IHE

Don't let your talent go to waste. If you are a classical singer or music lover- join us for the event. Give your singing a stage! Compete in SWARANG and see where you stand.

Navrang - The Theatre Society presents:

NAUTANKI’24- Nukkad Natak:

Timings: 10 AM onwards

Venue: Quadrangle

The competition is to present a Natak in front of judges with certain rules to be followed and this Natak is not like anyone you will see. Music coming straight from the instruments and artists' performances will shake your head.                      

Nukkad Natak
Iridescence - The Arts Society presents:  

Stranger Photography Competition:

Timings: 11 AM onwards

Venue: Room No. 314

Here you have to capture the essence and stories of unfamiliar faces. Explore the beauty and diversity of individuals you encounter in your everyday life but with a twist. Don't forget to take permission from the people before you capture them as it's all about making a connection and exploring the art of capturing strangers.

Caricature Making Competition:

Timings: 11 AM onwards

Venue: Room No. 314

Design a caricature! The competition theme will be given. All entries must be original creations. Avoid Plagiarism. Create a masterpiece and let it dazzle.

Paint Your Hands Competition:

Timings: 12 PM onwards

Venue: Room No. 314

The hands of your friend will serve as the canvas. The competition theme will be received on the spot. Use traditional hand-painting materials. such as watercolours, acrylics, oils, etc. Make sure to not leave a space in your friend's hand.

Muzahira - The Literary and Debating Society presents:

Conventional Debate Competition:

Timings: 11 AM onwards

Venue: Amphitheatre

The debate competition will include themes from classic philosophy and literature. Participate and win exciting prizes and certificates

Rhapsody - Creative Writing Competition:

Timings: 10: 30 AM onwards

Venue: Conference Room

The theme will include prompts related to classic literature books and stories in English and Participate and win exciting prizes and certificates.

Enactus - The Social Entrepreneurial Society presents:

Model Shark Tank:

Timings: 10 AM onwards

Venue: Conference Room

This is the place where your dream of opening a business will come true. Enter with a team of 3-5. Clear round 1 of the online quiz competition and proceed to round 2, tell about your business idea.

Enactus - Shark Tank'23
Model Shark Tank

The competitions list for the Day 2 (8th February 2024) of FERIA :

Tarkaas - The Indian Music Society presents:

Sur Taal - Solo Singing Competition:

Timings: 10: 30 AM onwards

Venue: Main Stage

Prepare to be enchanted as contestants pour their hearts into soulful performances. Not for a prestigious title but to share their music passion with a captivated audience.

Muzahira - The Literary and Debating Society presents:


Timings: 1 PM onwards

Venue: Conference Room

A Quiz competition, questions will come from classic literature, music, entertainment and artworks. Participate and win exciting prizes and certificates.


Timings: 11 AM onwards

Venue: Amphitheatre

A Slam Poetry Competition will include prompts which will be used to form response pieces for classic poetry. Participate and win exciting prizes and certificates.

Connecting Dreams Foundation (CDF) - Non-Profit Organisation presents:

Brand Building Competition:

Timings : 10 AM onwards

Venue: Conference Room

You are into nature and have an idea to resolve the environmental hazards. This place will provide you with the opportunity to showcase your ideas for eco-friendly products. Participate and win exciting prizes and certificates.

Registrations Link :                                                  

Highlights of the Event: Guest Performances

Brace yourselves for electrifying performances!

Feria 2024
Feria 2024

The Ritualists

  • Jz Freaks
  • Street Priest
  • Mrityou

We're thrilled to announce the talented THE RITUALISTS as guest performers on 7th February.

Timings: 2 P.M. - 3 P.M.

Venue: Main Stage

Get ready to be rocked!

Harprabh Singh aka TAALMIXER

Get ready to be captivated! Harprabh Singh, aka TAALMIXER, is bringing his dynamic tunes to the stage on February 8th.

Timings : 2 P.M. onwards

Venue : Main Stage

Join us for an unforgettable musical experience!


Soulful singer Sheraj will grace the stage on 8th February weaving mesmerizing melodies that promise an unforgettable afternoon.

Prepare to be swept away!

Don't miss this chance to witness his captivating performance live!

Timings: 2:30 P.M. onwards                                                                                                  Venue: Main Stage

Join us for an afternoon filled with music that touches the heart.


Brace yourselves! Unleash your inner groove!

Feria'24 stage ignites with Tanesh's electrifying and captivating opening act on February 8th! Get ready for an explosion of energy that will set the tone for an unforgettable event. Don't miss it!

Timings : 2:30 P.M. onwards

Venue : Main Stage

Be among the first to witness his unique talent and prepare to be mesmerized.     Join us!

Sneak Peak at FERIA'23

Further Details

For further information, please contact The Students' Union 2023-24

Website Link:

Instagram Handle:

What are you waiting for?

After looking at the photos of FERIA'23, I'm sure that you don't want to miss FERIA'24. If you are still deciding whether to join this upcoming fest of DU or not, then listen to me and join us on this fun and exciting journey!

Join us and thousands of those who want to experience this amazing fest and vibe with us and experience for yourself a great phenomenon.

Let's have a great time at the fest with an amazing mix of music, food, and endless enjoyment. See you there!

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