From Zero to VERVE: JIMS Biggest Bash of 2024!

JIMS Verve 2024
Verve 2024: Ignite Your Passion

Not able to choose which fest you want to go in when so many of them are happening? Well here is one that you definitely wouldn't want to  miss. JIMS Rohini is back with with their fun packed cultural fest VERVE 2024: Ignite your passion.


Still hung up over that one fest you dreamed of going to, however you missed it? Well, clear your schedule cause here, the biggest fest of this season just entered the chat. The real party scene is in the heart of Delhi at Rohini, where this cultural fest will blow your mind with a unique blend of madness, talent, and unforgettable memories. As everyone knows the fest season is approaching every university and every college is ready with their annual fests and cultural fests. Well, so is JIMS. Buckle up people, because we're diving into the glorious chaos that is the JIMS Annual Inter college techno management cultural fest aka VERVE 2024!

BPRAAK at JIMS College

About VERVE 2024

JIMS is a premier institution of academic excellence, known for its commitment to superiority in education & research while encouraging premium to quality of life, environment, society, and ethics. But that's not where it ends. The fests here get as crazy and fun as they can be. Verve 2024, a two-day event, on 22nd and 23rd February is a celebration of the dynamic youth, seeking to flaunt their talent by bringing together creativity, intellect, and wackiness. So it's a perfect blend of both skills and fun!

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What Are You In For?

The VERVE 2024 is jam-packed with events and well there's a special highlight for this as well! Imagine a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie: fairy lights strung everywhere, thundering music that vibrates your bones, and a crowd overwhelming with energy, sporting every colour imaginable (except maybe beige - that's just not the vibe). It surely is what you would have only seen in those dreamy movies where everything suddenly is fixed by a concert. And as an added bonus food stalls will spread delicious aromas and make it even more tempting. Now. let's get to business:

The Thrill Of Competitions

There are various competitions to be organized. From Paper Craft to Solo Singing, from Business Plans to Film Festivals, you can get anything here.
Let's break it down:-

Mr. & Ms. Verve 2024

Only 2 participants are allowed from each institute/ college.
Clothes and other accessories are to be arranged by the participants.
The rounds will proceed as follows:
Round 1 - Introduction
Round 2 - Talent Round (time limit 1min)
Round 3 - Question Answer Round

Paper Craft

Only 2 participants are allowed from each institute/ college.
Time limit: 1hr 30 minutes.
Use of the Internet is not allowed.
Only provided material should be used.
(Any type of paper brought from outside is allowed)
The three best participants will be awarded.

Talent Unlimited

Only 1 team comprising of 1-10 members is allowed.
Time limit: 2 minutes.
Participants have to bring their own material for the performance.
Participants must carry the pendrive with their songs.
No act involving display of fire will be allowed.
Three best teams will be awarded.

Sur Sangam :

Solo singing competition.
Only 2 participants allowed from each institute/ college.
Time limit: 3 minutes.
Songs should only be in Hindi language.
Three best performers will be awarded.

Sur Sangam

Business Plan :

Guidelines/ Rules:-
All business plans must be submitted on or before February 19ᵗʰ, 2024 to
Teams not meeting this deadline will be disqualified.
Only 2-4 team members are allowed in a team.
The business plan should be as per the format mentioned on the next page.
The business plan will be distributed to the judges.
Pre-screening of the business plan will take place before the event & only 10 entries will be shortlisted for Round 1.
Detailed spreadsheets and appropriate appendices may follow the test portion of the plan. It should be limited to 10 pages. In total, the plan should be no longer than 50 pages.
Judgment will take place in 2 rounds:
Elements like business ideas, PowerPoint Presentations, communication skills, and body language.
Round 2- (60%) assesses the poise and professionalism of presentations & also evaluates the perceived viability of the venture.
In the final round, each team will be given 15 minutes to present its business plan using PowerPoint Presentations followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. Each member of the team must participate in the formal presentation of the plan.
Three best teams will be awarded.
Judging criteria:
Reasonable opportunity for the success of the company.
The company has identified an unfulfilled need.
The company's strategy has satisfied this need.
The company has identified and allocated resources to be successful.
The company utilizes resources effectively.
The company has a realistic and strong competitive advantage.
The company has a thorough target market analysis.
The revenue and profit models are reasonable and appropriate.
There is a realistic time frame for company growth.

Battle of the brains :

Quiz Competition
Only 2 teams consisting of 2 members are allowed from each institute/college.
The rounds will proceed as follows:
Round I - Rapid Fire
Round II - Take your pick
Round III - Personality Guessing
Round IV - Brain Drain: Double Trouble
Three best teams will be awarded.

Web Designing

Only 1 team of 2 members allowed from each institute/college.
Time limit : 2 hours
All the participants will be assigned a topic on the day of event.
HTML, CSS, Java Script or any programming language .net/php/angular/
Node.js Database Mysql/Sql server/Mango db
Website design can be a static or a dynamic page.
Final webpage should be based on any web language.
If code is copied from any other website then it will be rejected.
Three best teams will be awarded.

Web Deigning

Code Generator

Only 2 teams consisting of 2 members from each institute/college are allowed.
The rounds will proceed as follows:
Round 1 - Complete missing statements in the programs by understanding the logic.
Round 2 - Develop the code based on the logic given in the program.
Programming language: C/ C++/ JAVA/ Python.
Three best teams will be awarded.


TOPIC : "Prime Time Debate - Chaotic or Dramatic”
Language: English
Only 1 team is allowed from each institute/college.
Each team will comprise 2 members  (1 for the motion & 1 against the motion).
Time allotted to each participant will be 4 mins + 1 min.
Three best teams and 1 best speaker will be awarded.

Psych Fiesta Destressing the mind

Only 3-5 members are allowed in each team.
Teams are required to set up stalls based on the given theme “Destressing the Mind”.
Prior registration is mandatory for participation.
All team members should be from the same college.
The time limit for setting up the stall would be one hour.
All the material required should be brought by the team members, host college will only provide tables.
After a brief presentation (about the stall) by each team, the best three teams will be awarded.

Double Ka Dhamaka

Only 1 team is allowed from each institute/college.
Each team may comprise two boys / two girls or one boy & one girl.

Participants must carry the pendrive with their songs.
Theme: Bollywood
Time limit- 4 minutes.
Three best teams will be awarded.

Main Bhi Actor Hoon

Only individual participation is allowed from each institute/college.
Participant has to enact any scene of his/her choice.
Language can be English or Hindi.
Time limit : 3 minutes
Judgement will be done on the basis of

  • Expression
  • Voice control
  • Emotional involvement
    Three best actors will be awarded.

Kuch Kook Hota Hai


One 1 team consisting of 2 members from each college is allowed.

All teams are required to carry their own set of kitchen tools kits (knives, peelers, spoons, etc.) and crockery for food presentation.

Participating teams have to prepare a given menu for which all raw materials will be provided by the organizers. No additional material will be provided to the teams on demand.

Use of ingredients other than those issued will lead to disqualification.

The team will prepare a 3-course menu with the ingredients given to them on the spot.

All participants must ensure that they reach the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the time of commencement of the competition.

Recipe writing has to be done within the stipulated time. Presentation of a recipe is must at the time of food presentation.

All the participants must leave their working area clean after the food preparation. Winners will be decided on the basis of taste, texture and presentation of food and on the basis of wastage. The decision of the judges will be final and no queries in this regard will be entertained. Three best teams will be awarded.

That's not all! There are various more fun filled competitions waiting for you. To know more about the events check out the official website:

Annual Inter College Fest | Verve 2024 | JIMS Rohini
JIMS hosting its Annual Inter-College Techno-Management-Cultural Fest “VERVE2k24”. Fest is a 02 days congregation of all B schools and other colleges in and around Delhi.
BPRAAK at JIMS' Verve 2024
BPRAAK at JIMS' Verve 2024 

The Highlight Of The Event

BPRAAK the renowned singer who never fails to touch our hearts will be performing on day 2 that is 23rd February 2023. From superhits like "Taara", "Joker", "Na Ji Na", "Ik Saal", "Do You Know" to iconic heart touching songs like  "Mann Bharrya", "Qismat", "Naah", "Kya Baat Ay" and "Guitar Sikhda" just imaging the legend sing live in front of you gives goosebumps. So get ready for a blast as you groove to the melodies to B PRAAK at JIMS, Rohini. The schedule for this is here:-

Schedule for JIMS VERVE 2024
Schedule for VERVE 2024

Who Is Allowed & How To Enter:

Only the students of JIMS Rohini or the participants in the competitions to be held on the respective days can be a part of this event. For registering to participate in any of these events scan the QR code above. The participants can reach out to the student coordinators in case of any difficulty. The criteria to enter competitions vary and are mentioned above for the respective competitions.

Now the stage is set for you to prove your vigor & unleash your talent so feel the beat of college fest and have the time of your life!

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