IIIT Delhi’s Mega fest: Odyssey

IIITD Mega Fest- Odyssey 2024
IIITD Mega Fest- Odyssey 2024


Block the dates for this immaculate upcoming fest in Delhi!

IIIT Delhi proudly presents "Jashn-e-Odyssey 2024," a two-day extravagant festival to be held on the 19th and 20th of January.

Book your schedule because you will be witnessing the brilliance of KR$NA on the 19th, setting the stage ablaze with his unique style of singing.
On the 20th, savour the moment of the musical genius of Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

But wait, did you think that's it for this event? Hardly.

These singers are just the tip of the iceberg! This fest will push you to experience many more star performances, along with various competitions and events.

Mark Your Calendars!

#19th January 2024, Friday

#20th January 2024, Saturday

Where is this happening?

The fest will be held on the campus of IIIT Delhi located in Okhla Phase - III, near Nehru Place, New Delhi.

The nearest metro station to reach here is Govindpuri Metro Station on the Violet Line.
The main entrance of the IIIT-D campus is approximately 1 km away, and you can easily take a rickshaw from there.

Day 1: Day 1 Registration (google.com)

Day 2: Day 2 Registration (google.com)

Event's Highlights

1. The Concert Night- “Nirvana Night, Day 1

Event at IIITD
Event at IIITD

Date – 19th January, 2024

Time – 5 P.M. onwards

Presenting to you: The iconic DJs and rappers of the trend- KR$NA, Lost Stories and Ravator Live. Your wait for the meetup with the artists will all be worth it once the performance of the night begins! The rest, we leave it onto you to experience.

2.     The Concert Night- “Nirvana Night, Day 2


Date – 20th January, 2024

Time – 6 P.M. onwards

We're sure all of you must have heard about the iconic trio of Shankar-Ehsan-Loy : the legendary Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa. Your wait and time will all be paid back with their more-than-worth-it performances! You will submerged into the night ahead as the stage and crowd will all be high while the trio sets the entire stage to dance to their melodious music and rhythm!

3.   Standup Comedy

Aakash Gupta- Standup Comedian
Aakash Gupta- Standup Comedian

Date – 20th January 2024

“Excuse me, brother! brother, idhar!”

We have a full plan for your Saturday night this weekend! The Great comedian- Aakash Gupta is all ready to make your jaw hurt from all the laughing. An aura of comedy, jokes, chill, and vibes and all. Be prepared to get jokes cracked on you as well. Pro tip: Remember not to miss the chance of getting the first-row seats if you want to be made fun of!

More sub-events of the Day:

1.   Classical Events (Sur Tarang | RaasRang | Rang-e-Raga)

Prepare yourself to embrace the symphony of traditions and talents.Get a chance to meet Raja Singh (Indian Classical Music Mentor) at the Rang-e-Raga event and be evaluated for Raasrang under the supervision of Radhika Arora (Kathak Artist Choreographer & Teacher).Remember, prizes are waiting for you!  Join and stand a chance to win prizes worth Rs.1,250/-

2.   Lifestyle Events (Mr. and Miss Odyssey | Reverbe | Glam Up | Trashion)

Unbind your creativity and make your fantasy complete! Become your Stylist.The Muse offers you the Lifestyle Event evening where we dress just as dreamed for years. Get set to meet and be assessed by the famous Ms. India Planet 2023- Ayushi Singh and Tasneem Raza. Don't forget about Trashion, chosen by Dyuti Kaul! Mr. and Miss Odyssey require Janvi Maru- Interior designer, Brand Designer & Actor, as judge to attract. Rewards and prizes worth Rs.275,00/- are on the table.

3.   Fine Art Events (Only Ink | Canvas Art | Street Splash | Claytivity | AI vs Artist | Colored Torsos)

A tempting offer to release your inner creative. Take possession of the material and be as creative as you can possibly get.Have a chance to compete and be selected by Rupsa Bhattacharya (National Choreographer), one of the names in Street Splash. In addition, reveal the hidden artist from Sanskar Rawat (Vibrant Doodlist) for the ink event. Also, meet with the judge- Janvi Maru, at the Claytivity (Interior Designer, Brand Designer & Actor).

Don’t miss the chance to unleash your potential and win prizes worth Rs.300,000/-

4. Dance Events (Can you Du-et? | Thematic Verve | Battle Troupe | Street Dance)

Madtoes gives you the dance events in 2024, to let your heart out. Whether one is single or with a partner, there remains the chance to show oneself and of course not forget their dancing moves.

Gain the chance to meet and be evaluated by Mayank Bhupesh Chandra (Delhi Based Choreographer), Snigdha Sachdev (Delhi Based Choreographer) and Dhruva Singh.

Secure a chance to win incredible prizes worth Rs 50,000/-

5. Theatre Events (Hasratein | Befikr | Improv Fiesta | OneAct: Spotlight Edition | Writer’s Room)

Lights! Camera! Action!

Machaan presents you with a stage of the finest actors and writers to speak out their interesting stories.

Seize the opportunity to meet and be judged by Avirupam Das (Aspiring Theatre Artist), Chhaya Jha (Program Manager @Soch RangManch), Sakshi (Program manager @Soch RangManch), Rahul Verma (Actor, Script Writer and Director in Theatre), Eshitva (Set Designer & Creative in Theatre) in OneAct & Improv.Also, a chance to meet Sagar Sharma (Theatre Artist & Independent Filmmaker), Rishita (Writer & Theatre Artist), Saddaq Hussain (Theatre Artist, Aspiring Actor, Writer) at Hasratein & Befikr.Not to forget the Writer’s room- meet Kanika (Theatre artist @Soch RangManch).Remember the street play by Nakshatra Sachdeva (Theatre Director & Published Writer)

The famous Rajiv Kohli (Renowned Theatre Artist) would also be joining this event.

Reminder: Prizes worth Rs.300,000/- can be yours!

6. Literature Events (Sorry Not Sorry | Nok Jhok | Unmute | Da Filmi Code)

Where each voice is noticed!

Literature | Debate | Anime The LDI presents you with a platform where you get the chance to express your views or have a chit-chat with people of different mindsets. We welcome you to come and grab the chance to express your views and exercise your rights.

Participate and get a chance to win amazing prizes worth Rs.100,000/-

7. Music Events (Schism | Fire Ahh-Capella | Arpeggio | Encore: Western | The Beatbox Battle | Psypher)

Adjust your fins to dive into the flow of music!

Get an opportunity to meet and be judged by the famous Ahmer (Guest Performer) at Psypher, the rapper battle, famous Shubham (Musician), Straight Outta Singar (Rapper Duo) along with Tanmay Rajput (Top 16 Beatboxer, India) for the BeatBox battle.

Participate and snatch prizes worth Rs.350,000/-

8. Culinary Events (Khana Khatarnak | Battle of Chefs | Foodie duet Feud)

The taste tester of the campus- Salt & Pepper Club presents you with an exciting yet delicious event of the fest. Specially designed for foodie enthusiasts who love to try new food across different places!

The famous Rajneesh Gyani (Youtuber & Food Vlogger), and Parth Tandon (Food Vlogger) would also be present at Battle of Chefs.

Get a chance to bring home prizes worth Rs.100,000/-

9. Design Events (RogueRender | Snap Doodle )

The design club presents you with the opportunity to showcase your designs to the audience and judges.
Get a chance to have a chance of selection for some high-profile designers. Participate to get a chance to bag prizes worth Rs.100,000/-

10. Finance & ENT Events (Storage Wars | BidBuzz | Clash of Bids | Pirates of the Stock Market | Mini Casino | Jashn-e-Bazaar | Raaz Returns)

IIIT Delhi’s E-cell and Finnexia present you with a chance to be an investor, a businessman, and a bidder.

Bide out your resources and money and invest them in something you earn from!

Grab a shot at winning prizes worth Rs.210,000/-

11. Media Events (Tasveer-in-Motion | Tasveer-e-Darbaar | Frame Safar)

Capture moments and create stories!

Tasveer presents you with the offer to be a professional photographer at any moment. Capture your special or exciting moments at the event or on campus and post them. One with the best gets a lens worthy of recognition judged by the famous Amey (Senior Photographer at Rad Living).

Be in the running to win prizes worth Rs.75,000/-

12. Gaming Events (BGMI tournaments | CODM tournaments | Valorant tournaments)

The campus offers you a 'CHICKEN DINNER!!' moment.

Participate in the event and be the leader of your team by knocking out other competitors.

Prizes worth Rs.135,000/- wait for you!

13. Fun Events (Anime Karaoke No Yoru | Scavenger Hunt | Among Us: Real Life Edition | Letter Loot | Subway surfers: A duet)

IIITD presents you with a fun activity where you get a chance to play the games in real life rather than on devices. Be ready to have an in-real chance to play your favorite mobile games.

Stand a chance to take home prizes worth Rs.75,000/-

14. Love Code

We present you the chance to get the opportunity to find a mate, express yourself to them and impress them.

A date being set by us, but maintained by you where you get the chance to build connections with new people. Who knows how far it might go?

15. Oasis (Mehfil-e-Sufi | Mehendi Zawiyah | Tasveer-e-Bahar | Marhaba Chai | Noor-e-Kandeel | Mithai Souq | Shawarma al-Sultan | Atwar al-Jamal)

From the heart of Arabia to Odyssey!

Here is your chance to relive your life as the royal Shehzada/ Shehzaadi of the kingdom. The chance to have a luxurious living and to feel the Arabian vibe.

Glimpses From The Previous Year:

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Join Us!

Odyssey, the annual event of IIIT Delhi, is not just an event but more or less a celebration- A celebration of joy, music, art, artists, and a space to create memories with your friends and family. It's not just about getting in the concerts or events but living the best moments of the year you could have at campus. A place where virtual life isn't only virtual but a one-to-one interaction with real life.

Odyssey is a place for gatherings of over 15+ college students!

We, Sneha, Yukti, and Priyanshu, welcome you to this entirely new journey of new experiences. WELCOME to the Grand 2024 Odyssey Celebration!!

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